Chapter 18

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As we approached my house I shoved the key in the lock and turned it to unlock it, I took the key out and opened the door so everyone could go through.

Everybody went straight through to the kitchen to grab food, "You guys are not human" I said laughing as everyone kept shoving food on their mouth, "We're hungery" Brad replied laughing "I can see" I said walking through to the living room. I slumped myself on the sofa and Lucy thought it was a good time to come and jump on me and lick my face. "Aha go on Luce lick her to death" Tris shouted laughing which made him earn a death stare from me after Luce stopped licking me. Lucy went into the kitchen and everyone came to join me and Tris, James next to me Linds on Tris's knee and Bronnor on the floor. "What do you wanna do?" I asked "TRUTH OR DARE" Tris shouted which made everyone cover their ears and moan. "Fine let's do this" Linds said getting off Tris knee and sitting on the floor.

We all sat in a circle on the floor and because it was Tris who suggested the game we all thought it was fair for him to go first, "Linds truth or dare?" Tris asked her. "Urrm....Truth" she replied "Who is your favourite person here?" he asked "Errm.. I'm sorry Tris but it has to be Liv" she said pointing at me which made me laugh and Tris frowning "Tris I'm joking your my favourite person here you numpty" Linds said laughing and kissed Tris's cheek which made everyone aww at them. "Yay Trindsay 4ever" Tris replied in his girly voice which made the room fill with laughter.

As we was half way through the game, my phone rang. I got it out of my pocket and looked at it. it was Ella, Ella was a old friend from primary but we lost contact because she moved for her dads buisness. I excused myself form everyone else and pressed the 'answer' button and put my phone to my ear


"Hello Liv can I talk to you"

"Yeah sure what's up"

"My mum and dad have split up so my mum said that I could go with her and come and live in Bournemouth or stay with dad ans stay in America what do I do" By this point she was nearly crying.

"Come with your mum because I live in Bournemouth because you can see me aha"

"Yay and my mum said that she wants me to come with her because dad is not at home anyway so..?

"But you don't have to its your choice so you coming?" I asked

"I just asked my mum and she said yeah we are coming tomorrow morning"

"You need to meet all my friends and Linds my and boyfriend"

"You have a boyfriend" she said or shouting shall we say

"Yeah meet me tomorrow at 2 in Costa and I will bring everyone do you know where Costa is?"

"Yeah I went there when I met up with a old friend"

"Good and see you tomorrow"

"Good thanks see you tomorrow bye" Before I could say bye the phone went dead.

I went back into the living room and sat on yhe floor where I previously sat and all eyes were on me, "What?" I asked shyly "Who's on the phone?" Linds asked "Ella" I said "What as in Ella Boyton" "Yes Ella Boyton" I laughed "Omg I love Ella when is she coming and why?" I explained the situation to everyone and told her when she is coming and Linds got excited. It was 11pm so I decided to go up to bed. I told everyone that they could stay tonight. I'm telling you they never go home they are always around mine. I got ready for bed and put my phone on charge and I got into bed and I tried going to sleep but no luck. James came in and he got into bed, he put his arm around me and kissed me on the cheek. "Night beautiful" he said which made me giggle. "Night handsome" I said in a posh voice which failed which made James chuckle. After a while we both fell asleep in each others embrace.

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