Chapter 9

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We made our way to the park and Linds was getting excited because she was seeing loverboy again. If she is going to be like this all the way there I will just leave her and walk faster.

"Finally" I sighed as we reached the park gate.

"Right don't go all excited Okay?" I said to Linds.

She nodded.

We got into the park and searched for the boys. I looked at the swings and they was there Tris and Con on the swings, James sat on the floor in front of them and Brad playing with the football.

Tris and Con saw me but I silently told them to shush as i crept closer to James.

"BOO" I shouted and it made James jump but the other two laugh.

"Hello to you too" James laughed.

I turned to Linds and she went all shy.

"Go up to him" I whispered in her ear. She did as I said and Tris got off rhe swing and went up to Linds giving her a hug. I quietly awwred so only me and James could hear and James laughed.

Brad joined us and he sat down next to James.

"Who wants a game?" Brad said getting up again and holding the ball in his hands.

"Me" James, I and Tris shouted at the same time.

"I'll pass this one guy's" Linds said

"Fair does"

Me and the boys went on the field while Linds stayed at the swings.

"Same teams as before?" Tris asked.

"Sure prepare to be beaten again" I said whilst laughing.

"Very funny" Brad sarcastically laughed causing to make us all laugh.

After about half an hour it was 2-1 and we was winning AGAIN.

"YES IN YOU FACE" I shouted in their face whilst laughing causing to make James and Connor laugh and high fiving them both.

We walked back to the swings and saw Linds on her phone.

"You Okay?"


Tris went behind her and hugged her behind and she giggled and smiled.

I swear them too should go out they would be adorable.

After the game James didnt seem himself. I sat next to him and he looked at me and I smiled he returned it back.

"Whats up faceache?" I say nudging his arm playfully.

"Nothing" he said bluntly and walked off.

"James" i shouted he ignored me Rude.

I decided to go after him so I said the others im going to find James.

"is he Okay?" Brad asked

"i think so I'll find out" I smoled before walking around the park.

I walked around the park for 15 minutes and still no James.

I heard a noise and looked around to see James under the tree quietly crying.

"James what's up?"


"There is or you won't be crying?" I said concerned.

"I will tell you but please dont take it the wrong way?"

I nodded and sat next to him crossing my legs.

"Well I liked this girl and she is beautiful, great sense of humour, always having a laugh with her, I get butterflies everytime im near her, her eyes are cute and her smile is to die for"

I nodded.

"Liv what do i do?"

"Who is it firstly?"

"i-i-its my best friend" he said putting his head down facing the floor.

I didn't know at first but then I realised.

ME it can't be

hey guys hope your enjoying it sorry its short :)

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