Chapter 13

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Brad and Connor was in front, Linds and Tris were behind them with their arms around each other and me and James dragging behind.

"Do you wanna have our date tomorrow night?" James asked.

I snapped out of my thoughts and replied with a Okay.

We got to the park and Connor and Brad raced to the swings to see who could get there first. Tris and Linds sat on the grass, Me and James sat on the grass next to Linds and Tris.

Me and James layed down and looked at the clouds.

"Haha that one looks like a butt" James said pointing at a cloud making me laugh.

"That on looks like boobies" I said laughing.

"What you too doing?" Linds said making us sit up.

"Looking at what clouds look like? I said giggling.

"Guys can we go now and get some food I'm hungry?" Tris complained

"Fine come on you two" I said shouting Con and Brad from the swings.

"Where we going?"Brad asked.

"Getting some food" I replied


We walked to the nearest shop and got a sandwich and a drink each before paying and heading back to the park.

My phone rang when we was on our way back to the park. I took it out of my pocket at saw it was mum. I answered it and putting it to my ear.


"Hello sweet"

"Hey you Okay?"

"In fine thanks I'm not going to be home for 2 weeks because my mum has fell over and hurt herself bad so I need to go off to Scotland to be with her because she hasn't got any one else so be careful if you need call me and i will be home as soon as possible"

"Okay send my love to grandma and i will see you in 2 weeks" I replied

"Okay be good and love you"

"Love you too bye" I put my phone back in my pocket and sighed heavly.

"What's up" James asked

"Im not going to see mum for 2 weeks because she has to go to Scotland because my grandma has fell and she needs someone to look after her because she hasn't got anyone else" I replied with a sad smile.

"Have you got any other family you could visit while shes away" he asked

With that I burst into tears and ran off.

It's not that I didn't want to tell James what happened with my dad its just I don't want to talk about it because it sets me off everytime. I know I have been best friends with James for 10 years but he doesn't know what happened with my dad. I got so low that I had to cut myself because my mum wouldn't be there and I didn't have anyone else to talk to. James knew I cut myself but I never told him why. I would cover myself in bracelets so no one would see them. Only Linds knew why I did it.

I got home and made my way to the bathroom to look into the mirror to be greeted by a tear stained face and mascara down my face. I got a wipe and wiped my face and I washed my face to get all of the mascara off.

I broke down again thinking of my dad. I heard the door go and I heard footsteps coming to rhe bathroom door.

"Liv its me please let me in" I heard James innocent voice

I didn't reply I just unlocked the door and sat in the side of the bath. "Liv what's up?" James said hugging me tightly. That's when he saw the newly cuts on my wrists.

"Liv tell me please?" he said concerned

"Okay but promise me you won't tell anyone only Linds knows"

He nods

"Well it was Thursday 23rd of January 2007 and it was snowing and slippery and we needed some pasta for tea So dad went out and but never came back and thats when the phone rang saying that dad was in hospital because he was in a car crash. After 3 operations he didn't get better and didn't pull through and he sadly died the next day it was because of his lungs got cloged up and they gave up" I said through tears.

"Shush its Okay im here for you" he said hugging me and kissing my forehead.

By this point everyone came home and shouted up to me to see if I was Okay I replied yeah. I got out of the bathroom with James following me. I got downstairs and saw eveyone on the sofa watching Coronation  Street.

"Hey sweet how you feeling? Linds asked.

"Im Okay thanks"

"im going to bed now you can either stay at mine tonight or you can go whatever you want to do" I sadly smiled before walking off.

I heard James saying he will be up in a bit. I entered my bedroom and changed into my onesie before putting my hair in a messy bun and brushing my teeth. I didn't have to worry about my make up because I took it off earlier.

I jumped into bed before putting my phone on charge.

I closed my eyes and driffted off to sleep.

Hey guys what do you think of Liv opening up about her dad to James?

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