Chapter 26

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I didn't know where I was going, I just let my legs take me anywhere. My phone kept ringing and each time it was James I didnt want to talk to him at the moment, I stopped at a bench in the local park, I sat at the bench with my head in my hands and letting the tears come out of my already red, puffy eyes. I heard footsteps clicking on the pavement. I didnt look up because I was dreading it would going to be James but until I heard the fimilar Birmingham accent fill my earlobes, I looked up to be greeted with Brad and Tris looking at me sympathetically.

"Liv" Brad said quietly "Y-Yeah" I said or rather whispered "James is really worried that you would want to break up with him, he's not come out of the bedroom since you've left. He's just been on there crying plus he won't talk to you " Brad said as I looked at him fully. "Really?" I said. Both of the boys nodded and before I knew it I was running back to the house with Brad and Tris running behind. I reached the front door and took a deep breath before going in. I opened the door earning a creak from it and then I got everyone's attention, Linds Ella and Emily come rushing to me and giving me a hug before going off again. I turned my head to see that the boys have gone and I headed upstairs to find James. I mean I have to talk to him sometime I'm going to hos parents house so I have to talk to him otherwise it will be awkward. I opened my bedroom door to see James sat in the corner, legs up to his chest and head in his legs, when he heard the door open he looked up and all I saw was red puffy eyes like mine was earlier on and tears coming down his cheeks. I didn't hay anything I just sat next to him and kissed him lightly on the cheek before doing the same position as him. We sat there in silence for ages when one of us decided to speak. "Liv I'm sor-" "James, Liv there's food down here if you want some so you better get your arses down here before Tris nicked it all" Linds shouted up the stairs causing me to laugh. I got up and walked out with James behind me, I got downstairs and eyes were on me and James, "What" I said before walking to the kitchen. Nobody answered me, I saw that Con followed me into the kitchen and shut the door behind him.

Hey guys sorry if its short hope your enjoying it :)

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