Chapter 2

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As we reached our destination the boys ran off to play football and me and James sat by the lake.

"Oi James you playing?"

"urmm... yeah " James looked at me I nodded to say that he could go and he ran off to play football.

It was funny watching the boys play because Tris kept falling over his own feet and the ball for that matter. The rest were tackling each other and they all fell to the ground so I decided to join them and I bounced onto them they all groaned and I laughed eventually I got off and all the boys got up aswell.

I grabbed the ball and all the boys decided to chase me and trying to get the ball. I fell over and the boys rushed over to me and kept saying "are you okay?" I laughed and replied "boys I'm fine aha" Connor helped me up and we all walked back to James' house.

When we got to James' I looked at the time on my phone and realised it was late "listen guys I've got to go but I'll text you later okay?" "Okay bye" they all said in unison I hugged them all James said "let me walk you home its dark so I dont want you to go on your own"

"Okay come on then I helped him up from the sofa and I said one lasr bye to the boys and headed out of the door with James.

As we approched my driveway I turned to face James and he kissed my cheek lightly and said bye before hugging me and then walking off.

I shouted bye to him and he smiled and carried on walking. I shut the door behind me and sighed.

I ran upstairs and got changed into my Pjs. I took my makeup off and brushed my teeth.

After all that I checked my phone to see if I had any messages and i had one off James

Hey you free tomorrow I was wondering if you wanted to come to mine and we could watch movies all day as my mum and dad are out for the day<3

I smiled and replied

Hey yeah sure what time?<3

He replied

About 1ish<3

Ok see you then<3

I put my phone on charge and went to get a glass of water I walked through the living room and saw mum sleeping on the sofa the tv was on Eastenders on BBC 3.

I turned the telly off and headed for the kitchen and got my water. I let Lucy out to do her buisness and.waited for her to come back in. I left the kitchen and headed back upstairs.

I drank my water and headed off to sleep.

hey guys hope your enjoying it so far j will update tomorrow sometime :) x

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