Chapter 4

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Who is she? I've never seen her before.

"Hello" she says looking at me

"Hey" I reply smiling at her

"My names Emily I'm friends with Connor you are?"

"Liv I'm best friends with James" I say pointing at James

"Well 'Liv' nice to meet you?"

"Nice to meet you too"

Emily had long brown hair and brown eyes she was wearing a white floral top and a black skater with flats on her feet.

There was a silence for a few minutes until Brad said "Who wants pizza?"

There was a few 'yeses' and a few nods.

"I'll go and order it" Tris says jumping out of the chair and running into the kitchen closing the door behind him.

"So guys who wants to play a game?" Connor said

"What about truth or dare?" suggested James

We all agreed and it had to start with me.

"Liv truth our dare?" asked Brad.

"Ermm... I hesitated truth" I say finishing my sentence.

"Do you like James?"

"Yeah he's one of my best friends" I replied I smiled at him he smiled back.

"Right Liv your go?"

"Errm Con Truth or Dare?"

"Dare?" he replied

"Right prank call someone random on your contact list and pretend to be Davey Jones?

"Okay" he replied

He scrolled through his phone and clicked on a random name. He clicked on his mums number.

"Oh god its my mums number?"

"just ring it" Brad said

Just as he was about to ring it Tris came back in the room saying pizza with be about 10 minutes max. we all nodded in agreement and got back to the game.

Connor clicked on it and put it on loud speaker

"hello this is Davey Jones from Pizza Police and I wad wondering if you had any pizzas stealing recently?"
"erm I dont think so I dont know what your on about sorry"

And with that she hung up just in time with the doorbell going resuming its the pizza.

Brad got up and opened the door he payed the pizza man and came in with 2 large pizzas.

We all tucked into our pizzas when I heard my phone vibrate in my pocket.

I got it out of my pocket and saw it was Linds

"hello you?"
"Linds hey you Okay?"
"errm yeah I think"
"are you sure?" I asked concerned
"I dunno"
"listen come to the park and we will talk okay?"
"okay see you in 10?"
"okay bye love you?"
"love you too bye"

I hung up and said to everyone "listen guys I've got to go Linds is upset about something so I'm going to the park to meet her bye?"

"bye and say hey to Linds for me" Tris says


I walked out of the door and walked to the park which was about 5 minutes from here so it shouldn't take long.

I got to the park but I didn't see Linds anywhere i walked to the swings and after 10 minutes she hadn't turned up. I started to worry

Where is she?

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