Trapped In A Tempestuous Love Triangle

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Ok, that was such a frantic beginning, so I'll start it the old fashion way.

Hi! I'm Evelyn Jacobs, but my friends just call me Eve. I'm just your ordinary 16-year-old teenager living in California. With the common features of a messy brown hair that she rarely brush and light green eyes that often glisten with curiosity of discovering new things. I'm just your everyday typical student who thinks that going to school is a drag and often wishes to stay at home to slack off or do extra-curricular activities. I love sports and video games, so yeah, I'm an athletic geek. I love every aspect of my life and I learned to accept all of my mistakes. I think it's perfect just the way it is.

Except for one thing...

Oh and did I mention that I'm also trapped in an INSANE love triangle that I'm desperately trying to escape? A hindrance that keeps forcing me to ride this crazy emotional roller coaster! A dreadful love triangle where both of my closest friends in the world are in! And I can't choose on what decision to make. Because in whichever choice I pick, I know I'll be hurting one of them or what's worse is that I'll be losing one of them. And I value both of their friendships more than anything in the world. 

But no matter how hard I try to erase my feelings for Nathan and keep it on the friendship level, I only find myself falling for him more. And Ashley can't figure out why she fell in love with him in the first place. She doesn't know why an automatic smile appears on her face whenever she sees him, why she feels butterflies in her stomach whenever his presence is revealed and get so lost in daydreams whenever she hears his voice.

I would never try to be competitive over anything when my rival would be Ashley (except when we're talking about dumb and non-important stuff like how I always beat her in video games). Me and Ashley would definitely pick friendship over boys because we're absolutely familiar with the "Friends are forever, boys are whatever" line. But what they can't understand is that Nathan is my friend who's also a boy. My life gets so confusing, frustrating and irritating. So I and Ashley just let it drift and allow Nathan to fix everything, since letting the guy pick is more traditional. But I can't understand what he's trying to do. We haven't talked for 2 years now ever since the whole 'Ashley had a crush on Nathan and admitted it but Nathan said he didn't like her back the same way' thing happened.

I hate him... But why does he keep making me feel these weird emotions whenever he passes by? And they're so indescribable that it's driving me insane! (Made a poem about this feeling here:

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years... And every single second that passes by my confusion grows, driving me insane...


Author's Note: the start! hope you liked it! Doing this with co-writer HeartBeat021 she's my best friend for almost 4 years now! (she's Ashley in the story) hahaha!

i'm never gonna keep repeating this because it will never change: HeartBeat021 is the one creating ALL of Ashley's Point Of Views. Not me. 

This is my REAL LIFE experience for 3 years! and I've known my guy friend for nearly 7 years! And i'm being serious! ;)

i'm explaining every little detail right to the dot with pure honesty!

the only lies in here are the names i invented to cover our identities

So i really hope you would like it! i'm trying to organize the chapters by reading my diary :)

Don't forget to FAN*COMMENT*VOTE!! <3

P.S. check out the  video on the right > 

the song is titled "BIZZARE LOVE TRIANGLE" by Frenta and it's awesome!

i would be adding songs that we could relate to in every single chapter (Note that there would be alot of Taylor Swift)

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