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Age Difference (Rikara) (Complete) by MickyMajhi
Age Difference (Rikara) (Complete)by Micky Majhi
"mom... have you gone mad... she is just 19 ...and m 32... do u want to marry me a kid". "stop it.... it's your dadi's wish..." "to hell with...
You Are Beautiful ✔ by hkoriginal
You Are Beautiful ✔by ਹਰਲੀਨ | हरलीन
A short story which will make you believe that you are beautiful. Too short chapters. It will take hardly ten minutes to read the story. Written on Dec 15, 2020.
Where there is Jimin is so in love with Jungkook his bandmate but Jungkook seems to be in love with Taehyung his other bandmate his soulmate . Well Jimin tried showing...
You're My Last Wish ✔️ by anandruchi
You're My Last Wish ✔️by anandruchi
Bewajah SEASON 2 (You're my last wish) His words were directly stabbing my heart and next moment I felt warm salty water ran down to my cheeks from my eyes. He was holdi...
More Than A Miracle  by Talesanddreams_
More Than A Miracle by Khush
Miracle series - Book 2 Akshita Gupta A girl who has only seen pain and ignorance all her life. She was always an undesired child of her parents. Her only dream is to ha...
18TH STAR CONSTELLATION: [ ̶H̶]ATE...by Flawless_Genocider-7
================================================================================== [Description]: A guy named Cep lives in a crappy house, and his parents are not exactl...
Unwanted Better Half  by Prernnnaaahhhhhh
Unwanted Better Half by Prerna Mongia
Sidhant Kapoor, the forming top notch business men of the city persuading his father's legacy with an broken heart as his lover Priya got married to another person and h...
We're Working on Trust Lucifer's Daughter by KighaWolf
We're Working on Trust Lucifer's D...by KighaNamara
Story cover by: @BlowyFlameball "No, stay. I believe I know who your father is" He said turning around to face you as you backed away from him. "It's okay...
𝘈𝘵𝘵𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘥.  by TiDoja
𝘈𝘵𝘵𝘢𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘥. by Gtailoincniea💕.
Read to find out 🌚!! *Slow Updates* It's a short story so don't be surprised🧏🏽‍♀️.
You are Important by Khushi2334
You are Importantby Mahirat_is_love
While foccusing on one relation one overlooked the other one. What if Mahi is missing being kiddo of his elder brother and his elder brothers comes to meet him?? Will h...
UA, and it's Teachers bashing and Bakugou getting what he deserved by DarkFlame594
UA, and it's Teachers bashing and...by Flame~
Basically the title, but here is a more detailed description: One-Shots that I thought of randomly where Class 1-A, Class 1-B, UA faculty, Shinso, Aizawa, Tsukauchi or a...
Broken Realities ( Abused Robin Reader X DC Universe ) [ Paused ] by -mochasense
Broken Realities ( Abused Robin Re...by ☕︎ ♥︎ ✍︎
Y/N Grayson was a Member Of The Teen Titans aswell as the Justice League, Batwoman was his Mentor aswell as the other heroes he looked up to. But all of them ignored him...
Lucky  Marriage  ✔ by HarpreetkaurGuru
Lucky Marriage ✔by HarpreetKaurGuru
( Completed ) ****** we all heard of a love marriage ,arranged marriage but never be heard of lucky marriage. what we say to that marriage if that was wi...
A  L  A  N  A  (BWWM) ✔ by Cr4vinz
A L A N A (BWWM) ✔by Miss Zoe Bannis
Alana Winters. She's your everyday normal teenager. She's not a werewolf, so why is a grumpy, but sexy teenage boy growling at her? Leo White never really cared for anyt...
Her Revenge✓ by AkankshaKalia
Her Revenge✓by 🥺❤️🦅
Shehnaaz Gill , whose main aim was to destroy Sidharth Shukla's image succeed in destroying his image and breaking his trust. Her mind said that she should be happy but...
Ishq Ki Dastaan by Divya__274
Ishq Ki Dastaanby Divya ❤
Mohabbat ❤ kisse aur kab hojaye Andaza ni hota Yeh vo ghar 🏡 hai Jiska koi darwaza🚪ni hota . . . This is a story of ArHana and PraNbir 😍 Pyaar dono 💘 ko tha par al...
Alone by Alkaa1
Aloneby Alka🥰
A Ragini story.......completely focusing on her.......her pain......her life......her fight for life..... It's going to be a short story......hope you guys like it...
Taste by vainvein
Tasteby n o o n e
Taste +++ An LGBT story revolving around a pastor's daughter that's just now experiencing her rebellious stage, and a tattoo artist with an unhealthy addiction who can't...
She is charming and devious in all her ways and her paths lead to death. Devoutly she takes arms against the heart; The slings and arrows of her outrageous schemes conq...
Tears Of Farida by ZaynabY_
Tears Of Faridaby Zainab Yusuf
"Who are you?" Farida asked. She looked to where Farida sat and with sass she adjusted her blouse crossing one leg over the other. "I'm Karima, Mrs Karima...