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Gold Rush by JordanLynde
Gold Rushby Jordan Lynde
Gold is an extremely popular boyband consisting of three gorgeous young men; Rian, Luke, and Noah. When they choose to attend the private academy Oakwood, most of the st...
  • drama
  • band
  • famous
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Big time new girl? by kaylaa__18
Big time new girl?by Kayla
What happens when a girl meets her dad only to find out he works with the one and only Big Time Rush? Will she survive the craziness of LA? Will she find love she wasn't...
  • logan
  • kendall
  • mitchell
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Rushed (Hate at First Flight #1) ✔️ by ehl_kayy_writes
Rushed (Hate at First Flight #1) ✔️by losa ☀️🌻🍁❄️
A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY Alexandra Hunt has only two things on her list to do when she gets to Hollywood. 1. Surprise her boyfriend, James wh...
  • actor
  • hollywood
  • losangeles
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Sugar Rush by erasingpencil
Sugar Rushby erasingpencil
Bethany Hamilton's universe revolves around sugar, dogs, and her nephew Liam. But when she plays babysitter slash mother for a while, she meets the young and handsome B...
  • sweets
  • chicklit
  • rush
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❤ Crazy For You. ❤(A Kendall Schmidt story.) *complete* by _Penguin_Girl_
❤ Crazy For You. ❤(A Kendall Lukey's penguin
Hi, I'm Joni Diamond, Big Time Badass. I'm a dancer, no not the THAT kinda dancing, just regular hip-hop. I teach some group named Big Time Rush. I don't know much about...
  • kendall
  • rush
  • schmidt
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Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
  • bathroom
  • rush
  • waitting
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❤ Stuck. ❤ (A James Maslow Story.) *complete* by _Penguin_Girl_
❤ Stuck. ❤ (A James Maslow Story.) Lukey's penguin
What happens when a girl is stuck between popularity and love?
  • sequel
  • pena
  • time
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Breaking Boundaries by EverlyVoss
Breaking Boundariesby Everly Voss
*Must read Enforcing Boundaries to understand* Two years have passed since Margo and Theo Weston escaped retribution from Saskia Rechovnik and Reed Porter. Two long year...
  • beta
  • gemma
  • reese
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Setting Boundaries by EverlyVoss
Setting Boundariesby Everly Voss
Before packs lived in the open, before shifters declared dominance over humans, before the exchange of power, there was a battle-one Sloane Calder would give everything...
  • hazel
  • mates
  • paranormal
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Wish I Had Known... ~Kendall Knight Love Story~ by elevateinreverse
Wish I Had Known... ~Kendall Kendra Schmidt
She always dreamed of his arms rapped around her cold, thin body. She wanted to feel his soft warm lips on her skin. She felt useless without him, especially when her br...
  • loganhenderson
  • bigtimerush
  • palmwoods
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❤ All Over Again. ❤ (sequel to Love Me Again.) *complete* by _Penguin_Girl_
❤ All Over Again. ❤ (sequel to Lukey's penguin
Joni and Logan have been through a rough time. It's time to build up there relationship, all over again.
  • rush
  • carlos
  • big
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Crossing Boundaries by EverlyVoss
Crossing Boundariesby Everly Voss
The past doesn't cease to catch up with us, no matter how happy we are, and it doesn't take prisoners; it takes lives. The past doesn't keep our secrets. The past doesn...
  • herra
  • weston
  • beckett
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Private School Life. by TakeShelter
Private School E.
Your parents sent you away to a private school, the same one as your cousin James is going to. Trying to survive private school life with a little help from him and his...
  • rush
  • james
  • friendship
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❤ We Are. ❤ (Sequel to Stuck.) *complete* by _Penguin_Girl_
❤ We Are. ❤ (Sequel to Stuck.) * Lukey's penguin
The popular girl fell in love with the nerd. 10 years later the high school sweethearts are happily married and have a beautiful son. Joni is also 5 months pregnant with...
  • big
  • maslow
  • btr
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Hush Hush / BTR Kendall Knight.  by LoveMyEmoji
Hush Hush / BTR Kendall Knight. by LoveMyEmoji
So I recently started rewatching BTR and I got curious so I searched for fanfics of Kendall but there aren't any that I enjoy reading. So I decided that I would write on...
  • carlospenavega
  • rush
  • loganhenderson
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Btr & one direction mpreg one shots by Priceisrightrusher
Btr & one direction mpreg one shotsby Priceisrightrusher
Okay this is a new story that I decided to write that includes one direction and big time rush. If you have a ship that you want send it in and I will upload it
  • big
  • one
  • rush
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Colleen And Her Words [Poetry] by -Orion-Auri
Colleen And Her Words [Poetry]by A.U.R.I
23 February 2019 - #2 in MEANING out of 3.14k stories "Your heroism compelled me to be a part of your epic but my role was of a neurotic...." Thanks for choo...
  • situations
  • rush
  • chase
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Good to bad (BEING Rewritten) by rose_gold_at_heart
Good to bad (BEING Rewritten)by Gold Hearts
(Being rewritten) BTW, there will be name changes for some characters. /First book to the Ryan series..../ Tamara Memphis is apart of one of the most powerful families...
  • badboy
  • fights
  • gangleader
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Doused In Water Gun Love - {A Kendall Knight Love Story} by coldbrewafi
Doused In Water Gun Love - {A lisa
Talk about a first impression. Hannah Walker, rising actor, first met Kendall Knight of Big Time Rush when he soaks her in water in the Palm Woods lobby. But does this f...
  • kendallknight
  • schmidt
  • loganhenderson
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