Chapter 22

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Harry woke up and got ready for school quickly. Today was the last day before summer break and he just wanted to get it over with. Louis came and picked him up. He laughed at Harry’s excitement. “Like always I will be here after school waiting for you.” Louis smiled and kissed him.

“And like always you will look like a sex god sitting on top of your hood driving me crazy.”

“You want my body.”

“I really do!” Harry and Louis both laughed and Harry ran into the school. When he opened the door Kelsey was behind it. He hit her and she turned around. “Oh my god I am so sorry Kels.” Kelsey laughed at him and shrugged it off.

“It’s alright. Seems like you are excited for the last day of school.”

“Oh yes! Very much! I have so much planned this summer for me and Louis it’s incredible. What about you and Tom?” He face light up when Harry asked

“Oh I am so excited Harry!” She said jumping up and down. “He is taking me to New York and San Francisco! He keeps telling me he has a bunch of surprises for me and I was worried that my mom would say no, but he had already asked her before telling me like the gentlemen he is!” Kelsey blushed when she realized she was practically yelling and jumping all over the place.

“That’s awesome Kels!” Harry said excitedly

“I know! I’ve always wanted to go to New York City and San Fran! This is going to be the best summer ever because I get to spend it with Tom! Oh and Harry, can I tell you something, but you can’t tell anyone! I haven’t even told Milan or Louis yet and they are my best friends.”

“Sure hun.” Harry scooted closer to her and he could see the nervousness on her face. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “My lips are sealed Kels.” She let out a big sigh.

“I’m late Harry.” Harry looked at her confused. He knew what she was talking about, but he was in shock.

“Late as in? Late to class cuz the bell hasn’t rang.” Harry joked. Kelsey gave a faint smile

“I’m scared Harry. I still have another year to go through and this school is really judgmental.” She looked down and started playing with her hands.

“Look at me Kels.” He held her face up with his hand. He eyes looked cloudy with tears. “I’m still going to be here. I will protect you and punch anyone in the face that says anything.” Kelsey laughed

“What if Tom isn’t excited?”

“Kelsey! You are a beautiful girl and Tom isn’t ugly.” Kelsey slapped Harry.

“No making moves on my boyfriend!” She laughed. Harry wiped the bottom of her eye.

“You had some smeared makeup. Anyway, Tom will be ecstatic! I just know it. I know he loves you and he is going to love that baby too.”

“I’m going to find out today at lunch if I am. Will you please come with me?”

“Of course.” Harry smiled and the bell rang. Harry kept his arm around Kelsey and walked her to class. “See you at lunch.” He gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked to class. He pulled his phone out and texted Louis

Sorry, can’t make lunch… Busy… See you after school ;) Love you –Haz

He put his phone away and looked up at the teacher who was explaining about them turning in their text books and then they had the rest of class to do what they wanted. Harry’s phone buzzed and he pulled it out and checking it.

That’s ok. I’m going to talk to Kalandra anyway. See you soon babe ;) –Boo

Harry smiled and he heard someone clear their throat. He looked up and saw the teacher staring at him. “Now Mr. Styles, I know you have your phone out. No one just looks at their crotch and smiles.” She said

“Hey who knows? Maybe I am just excited to see you.” Harry winked and the whole class laughed. The teacher blushed and walked back to her desk calling students back for their text books.

“Harry.” She called from the back of the room. He walked back and handed her his book. She wouldn’t look up at him and Harry gave a small chuckle. “You may sit down now.” She said without looking at him. Harry walked back to his seat and pulled out his phone.

Totally just embarresed the teacher and made the whole class laugh! Win –Haz

He looked around the room waiting for a reply. His phone buzzed and he saw the message and laughed.

Stop flirting with the teachers Haz ;) –Boo

You know me too well ;) –Haz

Explain? –Boo

She found out I was texting and said “I know you are texting no one just looks down and smiles at their crotch” and I said “Who knows maybe I’m just happy to see you.” Genius I know! – Haz

Oh Hazza, what will I ever do with you. I feel like I should come in there and claim you as mine right now. –Boo

Do it. Please ;) –Haz

Nope. I will make you wait ;) Get back to class babe. See you after school. Xx –Boo

Harry shoved his phone into his bag and waited for lunch. He was excited to find out if Kelsey was pregnant or not. After the bell rang to dismiss for lunch Harry ran as fast as he could to find Kelsey. She was shocked to see how fast he had gotten there. He grabbed her arm and pulled her with him. “Did you drive?” Harry asked

“Yeah. My car is over there.”

“I’m driving. Keys please.” Harry smiled. He drove quickly to the pharmacy, but Kelsey froze as soon as they got there.

“I don’t want to get it. What if they tell my mom or something and oh my god Harry I am so freaking scared right now!”

“Do you want me to go get it?” Kelsey looked up at Harry and smiled.

“Seriously? You would go in there and get a girl who isn’t even your girlfriend a pregnancy test?”

“Well, I’m never going to get the chance to get my girlfriend one so let it be you!” Harry laughed and walked inside. He came back out a few minutes later. “To my house?” Kelsey nodded. She’s been to Harry’s before so it wasn’t really weird for her. She walked in and said hi to Anne then they walked up to his bathroom. Harry waited patiently outside the door. “Well?” He said through the door knocking softly. She opened the door and let him in. He walked in and she was sitting on the floor next to the vanity. “Did you check it?”

“I don’t think it’s done.” Her head was in her knees.

“It’s been 30 minutes babe. I think it’s done.” Kelsey looked up at Harry. If she was trying to hide the worry she wasn’t doing a very good job.

“Check it for me?” Harry smiled and nodded. He looked at the test and back at Kelsey. “Well?”

“You aren’t pregnant.” Harry waited for her reaction. Her face got sad and tears filled her eyes. “What’s the matter? I thought you didn’t want to be?”

“I guess I did.” She started to cry.

“Well, then I guess that’s good.” Harry smiled wiping away her tears.

“What?” Kelsey asked confused.

“Kelsey you are pregnant.” Harry smiled. Kelsey’s face lit up and she jumped into Harry’s arms.

“Damnit Harry!” She yelled wiping her eyes. “Why would you do that?”

“It was the only way to see if you really wanted a baby. Congrats Kels.” Kelsey pulled back from Harry and laughed shaking her head. “I love you Kels.”

“I love you too Harry! Thank you so much!” She started jumping around with excitement. “I can’t wait to tell Tom! I really hope he will be happy.”

“Oh, I’m sure he will.” Harry grinned and they walked down the stairs and drove back to finish the remainder of school.

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