Chapter 10

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Monday morning was a drag. Harry had detention and Zayn was out with Milan. “Excuse me. You are Louis right?” A voice came from behind him.

“Uhm, yes. Who are you?”

“I’m Daisy. I’m friends with Harry.”

“Okay? Why should I care?”

“Have you seen him?”

“Why would I know where he is?”

“You two are dating right?” Louis looked at Daisy confused. “Yeah, I know. He tells me everything. Anyway, when he comes out of detention tell him to text me please.”

“We don’t associate in school. Sorry.”

“Oh, okay. I will just talk to him later then. Nice to meet you Louis.”

“Nice to meet you too.” Louis said. He watched her walk out. The bell rang and Louis walked to his first class. He passed Harry on the way and gave him a quick smile.

“Louis!” Zayn yelled from behind him. Louis turned and saw Zayn and Milan. He stopped and waited for them to catch up. “Hey, there is a party tonight. Wanna go?”

“Uhm, no I think I’m good. I’ve got quite a lot of homework to catch up on. Sorry.”

“Lame! Fine, but you better go to the next one Tomlinson!” Zayn laughed

“Of course Malik!” The first half of school flew by. Lunch went as usual and Louis and Harry snuck away. Then after school Louis went home to do his homework. His phone rang and saw the caller. “Hey Haz.”

“Are you coming to the party tonight?”

“No. Sorry.”

“Ugh, fine. I will have to survive without you. I’ll talk to you after then. L- later.”

“Bye.” Louis hung up the phone a little confused. Harry doesn’t stutter. Louis went back to his books and turned on some music.

“Ready babe?” Zayn asked Milan. She nodded and they left for the party. “You look absolutely stunning.” Milan blushed.

“Thanks love.” They arrived and parked the car. When they walked into the house there was already tons of people there.

“May I have this dance?” Milan smiled and took Zayn’s hand.

“Are you going to drink tonight?” Milan asked

“Only if you want too.”

“Let’s go get a drink.” They both walked up to the bar and found a boy and girl practically banging each other right there. Zayn glanced then looked away.

“Wait what?” Zayn yelled. He looked back over and saw a mop of chocolate brown curls. Zayn grabbed his hair and pulled him over to him. “What in the hell do you think you are doing?” Zayn yelled.

“I’m kissing her what does it look like I’m doing?” his words were slurred. It was obvious he was drunk. Zayn looked over at the girl. It was Kristian from school.

“Leave now!” Zayn yelled at her.

“Uhm, no. I don’t have too! Harry is single and can do whatever he wants.” She replied

“Harry isn’t single and leave!” He turned back to Harry and dragged him outside. “Are you out of your fucking mind? I know you are drunk, but you are sober enough to take responisblilites of your actions! I told you if you ever hurt Louis I would hurt you!” Zayns face was red with anger.

“I’m not hurting Louis because he doesn’t know.” Harry slurred. He opened his mouth to say something else, but it was cut off by Zayns fist slamming into his face. “Ah! Damnit dude!”

“Knock some sense into you? Either you tell him before tomorrow or I will. Your choice Styles.”

“Screw you!” This time Harry was knocked down by Zayns second punch.

“Zayn stop!” Milan came over and grabbed his arm. “He is already on the ground. Stop. Let’s go home.”

“You better fix this Styles.” Zayn said while walking away with Milan holding him.

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