Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

Zayn walked into the class room and sat down next to Louis. Louis gave him a smile and started writing down what was already on the board. “Class pencils and pens down.” The teacher said. “We have a new student today.” Louis looked up and saw a beautiful girl standing in front of the class. He turned and looked at Zayn whose eyes were fixed on the pretty lady. “This is Milan Richmond and she just transferred here.” Milan waved at everyone. “You may take your seat.” The only open seat was the one in front of Louis. Louis gave Zayn a grin.

“Shut up.” Zayn whispered.

“Hey, at least she is really pretty and not trash like the other girls you’ve been into before.” Louis laughed and Zayn punched him in his arm. “Ow!” Louis joked. Milan turned and looked at Louis and Zayn. She paused for a second on Zayn then looked at Louis.

“Are, uh we supposed to write what’s on the board?” Her voice was quiet. She kept stealing looks at Zayn and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“Yeah.” Louis said trying to hold back the laughter. He let out a little laugh and Zayn and Milan both looked at him confused. “I’m sorry. Uhm, hi I’m Louis. This is my friend Zayn.” Zayn shot Louis a look.

“Hi. I’m Milan. Obviously.” She said laughing. Louis looked over at Zayn who was now hiding his face like a 5 year old boy.

“Zayn, what are you doing?” Louis asked. He brought his face up and smiled.

“I, uh, I-“

“Oh okay cool. Anyway Milan, tomorrow if you don’t have anywhere to sit at lunch you can sit with us and our friends.” Louis said cheerfully.

“Thanks.” She gave a big smile. “I would love that.” She turned around, but stopping on Zayn giving him a confused look. Class dragged on and when the bell rang Zayn jumped up out of his seat and was the first out of class. Louis almost fell over in his seat laughing. “Is he okay?” Milan asked. Louis couldn’t answer because he was laughing so hard. “I’m sorry. Yeah, he’s fine. Just a little nervous.” Louis grabbed his stuff and started walking out of class with Milan. When they reached the hallway Kelsey came running up to Louis.

“Louis! Oh my god Louis!” She yelled practically knocking Louis over when she ran into him.

“Yes Kelsey?”

“There is this really hot new student and his name is Tom! He is like super hot!”  Kelsey looked over at Milan. “Oh I’m sorry. Hi, I’m Kelsey. You are?”

“I’m Milan and that new student you are talking about is my brother. Well, step brother.” Milan said laughing. Kelsey’s cheeks turned bright red and she looked at Louis for help. He started laughing again as he looked at Milan.

“You have honestly made my day so much better just by being here! Thank you!” He said. Milan laughed with him and Kelsey glared at Louis.

“Where is Zayn?” She asked.

“He ran away because he was nervous.”

“Do you know where too?”

“Nope.” Louis said. Kelsey started to walk away.

“Wait! Are you going to go find Zayn?” Milan asked. She blushed at how eager she sounded. Kelsey laughed.

“Yeah, come on.” Milan walked away with Kelsey and Louis pouted.

“Awe, they left me.” He said jokingly. He started walking when he felt a shoulder run into him.

“Watch it homo!” Louis knew the voice already. He bit his lip and held back the tears. Harry walked past him and stared. Louis was the first to turn away. He was glad there was only one more class till the end of the day. He walked into the classroom and sighed. He saw him again.

“How many classes do I have with him?” he thought to himself. He sat down in his seat and pulled out a notebook. He waited for the hour to go by. After the bell rang Louis packed his stuff and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He started to text Kalandra when his phone was knocked out of his hand. Louis rolled his eyes and faced the boy. He was taller than Louis by a couple inches. “What is wrong with you? What do you honestly have against me?” Louis yelled into his face. He was shocked at the sudden confidence he had.

“Get out of my face now.” Harry said sternly.

“No. There is nothing wrong with the way I am! Stop bullying me!” Louis yelled. Harry stepped closer towards Louis.

“Stop talking now!” Harry yelled

“No I won’t! I have as much right as you do to talk!” Harry’s hand shot up and grabbed Louis’ face. Louis flinched waiting for the pain, but nothing came. He opened his eyes and saw Harry staring at him. His eyes burned with something other than anger. Louis tried to figure out what it was. Then it hit him. Lust! It’s lust burning in his eyes. Harry’s face got closer when Zayn slammed the door open. Harry’s hand shoved Louis’ face back and he smirked at him.

“Stay away from me fag.” Harry spoke. Louis dropped to the ground.

“Damnit!” Louis looked up at Zayn. He stood up and ran out the door. He called Kalandra then saw her car. He ran towards in and opened the door.

“You okay boobear?” She asked.

“So close.” Louis whispered. “So close.”

“What?” Louis looked out the window and spotted the curly haired boy. Then he found Zayn with Milan and couldn’t help but smile. He texted Zayn quickly.

Good luck ;)

He turned his phone off and rested his head on Kalandra’s shoulder. He looked up at her and smiled. “Let’s go to your place.”


“Of course.” Louis tried to shake the image of Harry so close to his face. He was about to kiss him. “Did you know that I haven’t had my first kiss yet?”

“What are you talking about? We dated and you’ve kissed me.”

“With a guy. I’ve never had an official first kiss.” Louis whispered.

“Really? What about that one guy you dated freshman year?”

“We never kissed. Ugh Kalandra why can’t you come to school with me?”

“Sorry babe. My mom think your school is trash.” She laughed and kissed Louis on the forehead. They drove to Starbucks and got their usual orders. Once they reached Kalandra’s house Louis told her about his confusing day. She tried to give him so advice, but nothing seem to be reaching his brain. His head was flooded with the images of the luscious plump lips. He kept imagining how to would feel on his. Kalandra’s little brother Jake had his girlfriend Katie over. They were being loud as usual, but Louis didn’t mind. He was loud all the time so it didn’t really bother him.

“Hey Kalandra, can I stay here tonight?” Louis asked

“Uhm I’ll have to ask my mom, but I’m sure it will be fine.” Louis smiled and turned on his phone and saw he had a message from Zayn.

I’ve got a date Friday! Wish me luck (:

Louis laughed and put his phone down. “You can stay.” Kalandra said. She threw Louis some of his pajamas and he changed and crawled into bed. “I want you to confront him tomorrow boobear. Stay strong. It’s probably best to get him by himself.”

“Thanks best friend.” Louis smiled and snuggled up next to Kalandra. He was fast asleep in minutes

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