Chapter 14

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After class Harry walked to go get Louis, but he wasn’t there. Harry looked through the hallways, but he couldn’t find Louis anywhere. Harry spotted Zayn and motioned for him to come over. “Yeah?” Zayn asked

“Where is Louis?” Harry asked.

“I thought you were walking him to class?”

“I was. When I got there he was gone. I searched through this whole school and I can’t find him anywhere.” Harry’s voice was fast and worried.

“Did you look outside?”

“No, I will go check out there. Thanks.”

“I will keep looking in here. Text me if you find him.” Harry ran out of the building searching for Louis. The school was huge so it took time to get around. He stopped in his tracks when he heard a whimper and a cry for his name.

“Louis?” Harry said panicked.

“Harry!” The voice kept calling out. Harry ran to the cries until he found Louis laying on the ground surround by five huge guys. “Harry!” Louis’ voice was softer now. Harry ran towards Louis pushing the five guys out of the way.

“Five on one isn’t very fair now is it?” Harry said looking up at the five guys. They were big and very muscular. Harry knew they were about to gang up on him and he couldn’t fight them off alone. He thought about texting Zayn, but he didn’t have time before a fist smashed into Harry’s face. “Why does everyone keep hitting me there!” Harry stood up angry. He punched the guy back as hard as he could, but it wasn’t long before two grabbed his arms and held him back as the largest one punched him. Harry took four hard blows to the stomach. It was hard for him to look up. The punching stopped as the man was knocked over the head. Zayn was behind the guy punching him hard. Zayn was use to fighting and if he got hurt it wouldn’t be a shock to the hospital. Harry let a laugh leave his lips and the two guys holding him let him go and he fell to the ground next to Louis. Louis was unconscious and Harry saw a long bleeding gash running down his cheek. Milan came around the corner bringing Niall and Liam with her. They haven’t really ever fought before, but they were helping Zayn out quite well. Zayn had blood running down his face from his nose. Harry watched Niall take a punch to the jaw and Liam one to the stomach before he passed out.

When Louis woke up he was back in the hospital. He rolled his eyes and sighed. “Again really?” He looked to his side and saw that his room mate was Harry who was still asleep. “Wait what?” Zayn, Liam, and Niall were all in the room. “What happened? And nice black eye Niall. Never thought I would see you with one.” Louis smirked.

“Thanks.” Niall laughed.

“Harry found you unconscious on the ground surround by five really big guys and he tried to help, but five against one isn’t really fair. Zayn found you both and started to fight them. He is a really good fighter by the way.” Liam stated

“Yeah, he gets into them a lot.”

“Anyway, Milan ran to get us to help. We weren’t much help, but we tried our best. Zayn pretty much had it covered.” Liam said. Louis felt soreness run through his face when he smiled. He put his hand up and felt stitches running all the way up his cheek. Louis groaned. Zayn laughed and sat on the bed next to Louis.

“Battlescars Louis.” Zayn laughed.

“We’ll be right back. Going to get something to drink. Want something?” Niall asked.

“I’m good.” Zayn said.

“Me too.” Louis replied. He looked over at Zayn and smiled. “Thank you Zayn.”

“You are my best friend Louis. I will always be here to protect you.” Zayn patted his shoulder.

“I miss hanging out with you Zayn. We use to be practically inseparable and now we don’t hang out at all. I’m always with Harry and you are always with Milan. Can we have a day just to us sometime?”

“Of course Lou. This Friday night I am coming over and it will be just me and you.” Zayn smiled

“Sounds like a plan.” Louis laughed then winced at the pain.

“Ah wimp.” Zayn joked. “You might now want to smile for a little.” Louis rolled his eyes and punched Zayn’s shoulder. “Ah Louis god! So rude!” Zayn laughed. “Get some rest. I will still be here when you wake up.” He flashed a smile and Louis settled himself back down and fell asleep.

Harry was next to wake up. The room was dark and the tv was on. He looked over and saw Louis asleep in the bed and Zayn asleep in the chair next to him. He heard laughed and turned the other way spotting Niall and Liam. Harry smiled and his two best friends playing cards in the dark. “How can you two even see?” Harry laughed.

“Morning sunshine.” Niall joked.

“Awe Niall your face.” Harry said

“I think I rock this black eye look. I should get one more often. It makes me look tough.” Niall laughed.

“Oh yeah totally. I’ll make sure than Liam or I punch you in your face every couple days to keep that look.”

“Actually no, you hit really hard and I guess so does Liam. He knocked the wind out of some guy yesterday! It was so freaking cool! I wish you would have saw it, but you had to be a cunt and pass out.” Niall said laughing.

“Hey, I stayed awake long enough to watch you get punched in the face and Liam get punched in the stomach. Highlight of my day.”

“Shut up Harry.” Liam said throwing cards at him.

“I’m an injured person and you are throwing stuff at me!” Harry gasped “How rude!”

“Oh whatever. They only put you in here to check for internal bleeding and to give you a few stitches. You are going home here in a few hours.” Niall stated

“Wait what time is it?”

“Only about one. You go home at four.”

“Did they keep us here over night?”

“Well, you were pretty drugged up, so they just decided to keep you both. Anne came in earlier. She went to get something to eat. She will be back later to take you home.” Liam said. “Oh, and you both get to go back to school tomorrow. Since Louis has ditched so much then missed school for the other time he was here he can’t miss anymore and neither can you. You both ditch way too much.”

“Well, school is stupid.” Harry said. He heard a little laugh and saw Zayn was now awake too.

“I’ll have to agree with you on that one.” Zayn laughed.

“See, Zayn agrees.” Harry smiled. “Oh, by the way thanks for showing up when you did.”

“No problem. You were supposed to text me.”

“Well, I was going to, but they kept hurting Louis and I couldn’t take it, so I interfered without time to text you. Sorry.”

“I’m just glad I went out there.” Zayn said. He looked over at Louis and back to Harry. “He is so fragile. It worries me sometimes.

“I’ll be fine.” Louis whispered.

“Yay! We are all awake now!” Niall yelled. Everyone laughed and Harry threw a card at Niall. “Rude!” Zayn sat down at the table in between Liam and Niall and started to play cards with them.

“Okay, this is honestly really weird for me.” Liam said. Everyone looked at him confused. “We use to never associate and we had our own little groups and look what Louis and Harry did. They brought us all together.” Louis looked at Harry and smiled. He mouthed I love you and Harry mouthed it back.

“That is a little weird. I would never imagine hanging out with you guys, no offence, but yeah. It’s nothing bad or anything it’s just you guys had your table and we had ours. We ran part of the school and you ran the other.” Zayn replied. Everyone agreed and started playing cards until it was time for them to go home.

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