Chapter 15

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Thursday night everyone decided to go out for dinner.  Louis went with Harry, Zayn with Milan, Kelsey with Tom(Aha I made a rhyme. Sorry) Liam with Celine, and Niall with Miranda. It was a huge group, but they all enjoyed their company. They went to an Italian restaurant and gathered around a table.  Kelsey and Tom started a conversation about their mini vacation they took last week. Harry zoned out half way through until he heard Louis’ name.

“Then we have Louis over here getting hospitalized every other week.” Kelsey laughed.

“I like the people at the hospital. They’re friendly.” Louis joked. He tightened his grip on Harry’s hand. Harry smiled and then collapsed back into his own world. Their food was brought to them and Harry sat in silence while everyone else chatted while eating.  After their main course they waited for dessert. Harry felt a squeeze on his thigh. He looked down and saw Louis’ hand resting on his leg. He smiled at Louis and went back to the conversation. Louis moved his hand up Harry’s leg and stopped on his crotch. Harry tensed up and Zayn gave him a weird look.

“You okay?” Zayn gave Harry a weird look. Louis moved his hand over Harry’s crotch teasing him. Harry nodded in fear that if he said anything it would come out stuttered. Harry bit his lip holding back the moans. Zayn gave him a weird look and then went back to the conversation. Harry ran his hands through his hair and put his face down.

“Feeling okay Harry?” Louis asked loud enough for everyone to hear. He ran his hand across Harry’s crotch again and Harry coughed to cover the moan. He nodded again knowing he couldn’t say anything. Louis gave a grin please with what he was doing to Harry. “You sure?” Louis smiled even bigger now and then grabbed onto Harry. Harry yelped and put his head down on the table. Everyone looked at Harry confused. Louis tried his hardest to hold back a smile and laughter. “I don’t think he is feeling very well. I’m going to take him home.” Everyone nodded giving weird looks at Harry and Louis. Harry stood up running quickly out of the restaurant not wanting anyone to see what Louis had just done. Louis climbed into the car and fell over laughing.

“Screw you!” Harry yelled

“Give me time to get home Harry damn.” Louis gave a quick smile and started to laugh again. He drove home quickly still laughing at Harry.

“This is all your fault.” Harry groaned.

“Awe, is someone a little frustrated?” Louis cooed. Harry shot him a glare and hit his head against the seat. When they arrived at Harry’s house Louis stopped him at the door. “Is anyone home?”

“No.” Harry wrapped his arms around Louis pulling him in for a kiss. He was about to back away when Louis grabbed his shirt keeping him there longer. “Let’s go inside. I’m not feeling well remember.” Harry smirked. Louis kept ahold of his shirt and dragged him inside. “So tell me Tomlinson, how are you going to make me wall better?” Louis smiled at him and picked him up bridal style. He carried him up to the bedroom and kissed his forehead.

“Get better soon babe.” Louis smiled and started to walk out.

“Damnit Tomlinson! You caused this mess now fix it!”

“Hm, say please?” Louis smiled at him again.

“Please.” Harry groaned. Louis lifted his chin. He ran over and jumped on the bed next to Harry. His crystal blue eyes pierced into Harry’s perfect green orbs. “I love you so much boo.” Harry pulled Louis on top of him to where Louis was now straddling Harry. Louis moved so that their crotches would grind together making Harry moan. He started kissing down Harry’s neck and proceeded to take his shirt off. Harry took Louis off next and admired his perfect body. “I’ve seen this before, but damn Louis you look like a god.” Louis blushed and started kissing Harry again. He licked Harry’s bottom lip begging for entrance. Harry let him explore his mouth then Louis broke away breathing heavily. He was still moving his crotch against Harry’s making it quite noticeable that both of them were very hard. Louis pressed his lips against Harry’s again nibbling at his bottom lip making Harry moan in the back of his throat. Louis smiled against his mouth. “Are you happy with what you are doing to me?”

“It’s quite enjoyable actually.” Louis smirked. He kissed Harry again and started to take off his pants. Harry tried to help the best he could, but it was obvious Louis wanted dominance over this. Harry let him have it and Louis continued to undress him. Harry pulled Louis’ pants off of him and Louis smiled. He pulled off Harry’s boxers and Harry did the same with Louis. Louis leaned up next to Harry’s ear and whispered “I love you so much Harry.” He kissed his cheek then down his neck and body. Harry tangled his fingers in Louis’ hair and pulled Louis back up to his mouth. “You sure?”

“Stop asking me that Tomlinson.” Harry laughed and kissed him again. He pulled Louis body closer and wouldn’t let him go. “Don’t leave Louis. Never.” Louis looked at him confused and nodded.

“Of course Haz. Never.”

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