Chapter 16

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Louis woke up with Harry’s arms around him. He smiled and snuggled closer to Harry trying not to wake him. He didn’t do a very good job because Harry’s eyes fluttered open and he smiled at Louis. “Morning sexy.” Harry whispered.

“Holy crap! Your morning voice is sexy!” Louis laughed. Harry tightened his arms around him and kissed his hair.

“I love your hair. It’s just so feathery and perfect all the time.” Harry stated. Louis gave him a weird look. They sat there and watched  tv. Harry leaned down and whispered into Louis ear.  “I love you.”

“I love you to. You are just so freaking perfect and I don’t know how I got so lucky?” Louis gave Harry a quick smile, but Harry frowned at him. “What’s the matter Hazza?”

“How can you think I am perfect?”

“You are to me?”

“I can’t even protect you Louis. I failed at that. I feel like being with you is just a dream Louis. I’m eventually going to wake up and I feel like I will get to relive all of this. It will be just like déjà vu but when we get to that one night where I messed up you won’t forgive me this time and I will lose you forever. You will tell me that I screwed up to bad and that you don’t love me. I’m so scared of losing you that every day I go without you it hurts. I’m scared you won’t come back because of what I did that one night. I’m scared that one day someone is going to come around who is so much better for you than I ever could be. I’m no good for you Louis.” Harry was now looking at the ground holding back tears. Louis lifted his chin up to look him in the eyes.

“You’re right, you aren’t good for me. You are too good for me and I don’t even know what I did in my life to deserve you. I will always come back Harry, no matter how many times you dream this I will always come back. I am in love with you and your flaws, but to me your flaws are what makes you perfect. I love you Harry Edward Styles. Every last bit of you. I love the way you smile at the ground when you are embarrassed. I love how you kiss me when I am trying to tell you something. I love how try to act like you don’t care what people say about you, but deep down I know you do. I love how when you are upset you will snuggle just a little bit closer to me. I love when you are asleep I am still there in your dreams. I love the way you walk. I love how you talk so slow. I love how whenever I talk your attention is always on me. You make sure that I know by giving me complete eye contact. I love looking into your eyes and kissing you and hugging you because when I do everything else fades away. I love you Harry and I love getting to tell you that every day. You mean everything to mean and I don’t think you will ever understand how much you truly mean to me. No one has ever made me feel the way that you do. I feel lost without you. I hate leaving you even if it’s just for a few minutes emptiness fills inside me. You are a part of me. You own my heart and it beats for you.” Tears started to cloud Louis’ eyesight when he looked over at Harry who was already crying, but he never let his eyes leave Louis. “You make me go speechless and weak at the knees. Sometimes when I watch you in school I just want to pounce on you right there.” Louis laugh. “I want you. Just you forever.” Louis whispered the last words. He looked up at Harry and wiped the tears falling from his face. “You are perfect, okay?”

“I honestly don’t understand what I did. How can I get someone so perfect and beautiful?”

“Because you deserve it.” Louis leaned in and kissed Harry. It was just passion. There was no lust or need. Everything melted away and Louis held Harry tight. “And I’m never leaving, so you better not either.”

“Of course not. If I left I would never find anyone as amazing as you because they don’t exist.” Louis blushed at Harry’s remark.

After spending all day together Louis told Harry that he was going to hang out with Zayn tonight. Harry said that was fine and he called up Niall and Liam for a boys night. After five minutes of saying goodbye Louis left. He quickly took a shower and told Zayn to come over. When Zayn walked in he was attacked by Louis’ little sisters. He gave them all hugs and said hello to Louis’ mom then walked upstairs to Louis’ room. “So what do you want to do?” Zayn asked scaring Louis.

“Jesus! I didn’t hear you walk in.”

“Sorry.” Zayn laughed. He walked over and sat on the bed next to Louis.

“I just want to talk. I feel like we haven’t really talked in forever.”

“Okay, about what.” Zayn smiled. Louis sat up and crossed his legs facing Zayn.

“Tell me about Milan!” He said giddy. Zayn’s smile got wider.

“She is absolutely perfect Louis. There isn’t a thing about her that I don’t love. The way she smiles seems to light up the room. She loves me even though she knows my flaws and she puts up with all my stupid shit. I honestly didn’t know when I saw her that first day she came her she would end up being my world. She’s really changed me Louis. She’s made me want to be a better person. I want to please her in every way possible and I can never even think about hurting her. I’m so lucky Louis!” Zayn was now filled with excitement.

“I can tell she really makes you happy. I have honestly never seen you like this Zayn and I’ve known you since kindergarten. You two are really cute together too.”

“She is so freaking beautiful Louis!” Louis smiled at Zayn.

“You did a good job. So I take it your done looking at other girls now?”

“I haven’t looked at another girl since I first laid eyes on Milan. No one even compares to her. I actually think perfect is an understatement.”

“Awe how cute.” Louis smiled.

“I think so too.” Zayn laid back and smiled at the celling. “Thanks for listening Lou. I’ve been wanting to talk about that for a long time.

“I’ll always listen Zaynie.”

“Ah no, not the old nickname.”

“I will call you what I want.” Zayn rolled his eyes and laughed.

“You are so dumb.”

“But you love me.”

“Of course I do Lou. You are the worlds best friend and brother. So again thanks.”

“Thank you for always protecting me. Even when I thought you were being over protective.” Louis whispered

“Always will.” Louis laid down on his bed next to Zayn. They talked some more about Milan then Louis talked about Harry. They sat there the rest of the night just talking.

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