Chapter 5

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“But Milan!” Zayn whined “Are you even going to eat it anyway?”

“Yes, I’m eating my cookie now leave me alone!” Milan said laughing. Louis looked over and smiled at the cute couple. They’ve been dating for about a month now and have been practically inseparable. Louis looked across the table to see Kelsey and Tom being quite handsey. Louis laughed and shook his head. He turned and looked across the cafeteria to see the beautiful boy playing with his curls. He smiled at Louis and Louis smiled back. “Zayn, let’s go for a walk shall we?” Milan said standing up. Zayn grabbed her hand and walked with her. They walked out to the parking lot and sat on her car. They both reclined back against the windshield and stared at the sky. “I still can’t get over how you acted the first day you met me.” Milan laughed

“Shush!  We said we wouldn’t talk about that!” Zayn said facing her. She turned on her side and played with Zayns hand.

“It was cute. You almost killed Louis though. So, you’re his best friend. What’s going on between him and Harry Styles?”

“What?” Zayn looked at her confused.

“You don’t see it do you?”

“Well, probably not. I’m always looking at you so.”

“The way they look at each other. They both mysteriously disappear at the same time. The small touches in the hallway. I’ve been observing for a while.”

“I can tell.” Zayn laughed and placed a kiss on Milan’s nose.

“Milan! Get up. Mom said she wants us home.” Tom said. He looked at Zayn then back to Milan.


“I don’t know. Family emergency.” Tom turned to Kelsey and placed a long lingering kiss on her lips. She smiled when he pulled away and waited for Zayn. Zayn kissed Milan quickly.

“I’ll see you after school babe.” He whispered in her ear then kissed her again.

“Milan! Let’s go!” Tom yelled from the car. She let go of Zayn and got in. Zayn walked back inside with Kelsey.

“Such a lovely family.” Kelsey laughed

“I’m going to have to agree with you.” Zayn said. They both sat back down at the now empty lunch table. “Where’s Louis?”

“He is always disappearing at this time.”

“And I think I know with who.” Zayn got up and texted Louis.

I think we need to talk….

“Wait, with who?” Kelsey asked.

“Ah, I’ll tell you when I find out.” Zayn walked away to his locker. He felt hands come around his eyes and a chin land on his shoulder.

“Guess who?” The voice said

“Well, I am hoping this is Milan.” He turned around and saw Milan smiling at him. “I thought you had to leave?”

“It was a really dumb family thing, but hey, let’s ditch.” She gave him a big smile and he couldn’t refuse. Zayn grabbed her hand and they walked out to her car. Tom and Kelsey were already in the front. Zayn gave Milan and look and she laughed. “Just deal with it. He is a really nice guy and you are friends with Kelsey.”

“He hates me.” Zayn whined. Milan laughed and kissed him on his cheek.

“He doesn’t hate you. He just hasn’t got to know you yet. No one could ever hate you.” She smiled and they got into the car. Tom started it and drove away. He placed his hand over Kelsey’s and smiled at her. She smiled back and rested her head on the window.

“So I texted Louis telling him when needed to talk.” Zayn said to Milan.

“Hey Zayn, are you ever going to tell me who you think he is with?” Kelsey asked

“Are both of you clueless? It is completely obvious, but I guess that’s just to me.” Milan replied.

“No, I think I know who you are talking about.” Tom said and looked back at Milan. “You are talking about Louis being with Harry right?”

“Wait? Harry isn’t gay? He bullies Louis all the time for being gay.” Kelsey said confused.

“I guess we will wait and have Louis tell us.” Zayn replied. “So where are we going?”

“Just to eat.” Tom said. They pulled into this nice fancy restaurant place. Zayn looked at Milan confused.

“This must be really expensive?” He said

“Don’t worry. Tom and I have it covered.”

“No, I can’t let you pay for my dinner.”

“Well, they are closed. So to the beach we go.” Tom said. They quickly drove to the beach and Tom and Kelsey were the first in the water. Milan grabbed Zayn’s hand but he was hesitant.

“What’s the matter?” Milan asked. Zayn just shook his head and got up and followed her to the water. “Let’s swim.”

“Uhm, actually can we stay where we can touch?” Zayn asked not looking at Milan.

“What? Why?”

“Cuz, I uhm I don’t know how to swim.”

“That’s fine, but we are sneaking out here one night and I am going to teach you how to swim okay?”

“Uhm I don’t know.” Milan walked over to Zayn in the water and placed a kiss on his lips.

“It will be fine. I promise.” He wrapped his arms around Milan and they stood there in the water kissing. Zayn looked at the perfect girl he was with and smiled.

“You are so beautiful.” He whispered then he started humming a song.

“Let me love you?” Milan asked

“Yeah.” Zayn blushed.

“You are so cute. I love it.” Milan kissed him again and they went to the beach to dry off.

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