Chapter 24

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Louis and Harry lay in bed breathless. Louis looked over at Harry and grinned. “Problem fixed?” Louis asked. Harry nodded and scooted closer to Louis and wrapped his arms around him. He kissed him softly on the neck. “You’re amazing.” Louis whispered. Harry stood up and looked out the window.

“It’s a beautiful day. Want to go for a walk?” Louis nodded and got up. They both dressed quickly and walked down to the living room. He saw Lottie sitting on the couch.

“Uhm, how long have you been here?” Louis asked “And who else is home?”

“I’ve been here long enough and it’s just me.” Lottie turned and faced Louis and Harry. “You guys are loud.” Louis looked down at the ground then at Harry who was blushing. Louis gave an awkward chuckle and Lottie laughed. “Please just leave. And no, I’m not telling mom. Not like she probably doesn’t know already.” Louis grabbed Harry’s hand and they walked out of the house. Harry busted up laughing once they were out of the house and Louis put his hands in his face.

“Oh my god.” Louis muttered. Harry laughed even harder and pulled Louis closer to him.

“What did I tell you about being quite?” Harry chuckled “Well, I’m sure that was punishment enough for you. Let’s go.” They started to walk heading straight for the park. When they got there they both raced to the swings. They sat down on the swings are started to swing easily. Louis wouldn’t let go of Harry’s hand.

“Did I ever tell you how much I love you?” Louis asked

“All the time.” Harry smiled. “But I will never get tired of listening to it.” Harry leaned over and kissed Louis. He almost fell out of his swing and they both laughed. Louis felt a drop of water hit his cheek and he looked up. It started to sprinkle. They both just shrugged it off and continued to swing until it started to pour down rain. They both laughed and Louis got up to run still with Harry’s hand in his, but Harry held him back. He spun him around so his chest was against his and Louis looked at him confused. Harry’s face was now completely serious. He pulled Louis closer if that was even possible and Louis studied his face. His perfect curls now damp against his head. Louis pushed them back so they were out of his eyes. There was water falling down his perfectly structured face. Louis ran his free hand down Harry’s cheek making Harry shutter. The rain was cold, but the touch of Louis on him made his whole body hot. Harry rested his forehead on Louis’ and stared into his deep blue orbs. Harry brought Louis hand up and placed it right above his heart. “This is yours now. Please be careful because once you go away the beat is faint and it’s not whole without you.” Harry whispered. The rain picked up and behind them thunder started to roll. “You are so beautiful Boo. I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.” Louis wiped the rain off of Harry’s face. His free arm wrapped around Harry’s neck and pulled Harry in for a kiss. It was long and passionate. When one pulled away the other ached for more.

“I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me.” Louis whispered then kissed Harry again. Harry looked up at the sky with the rain still pouring down on them. He smiled and laughed.

“We should probably get back to your house.”

“And dry these clothes.” Louis said tugging and Harry’s now translucent t-shirt and wet jeans. They started walking back when Harry fell into a puddle of mud. Louis laughed and Harry pulled him down with him. “Ah damnit Harry!” Louis laughed. They sit there in the mud and Harry drew on Louis’ face with the mud. They got stuck staring into each others eyes again. Louis helped Harry up without breaking the contact. Louis wiped the mud from Harry’s face and kissed him softly. “Okay, now home we go.” Louis laughed. Harry put his arm around Louis’ waist and pulled him closer. Louis automatically rested his head on Harry’s shoulder. He didn’t care that it was dirty he just loved being as close to Harry as he could.

“I don’t think your mom is going to like us walking through the house all muddy.” Harry laughed

“Then I guess it’s a good thing that the washer and dryer is in the garage then huh?” Louis grabbed the key to the garage and opened the door. It was still storming pretty bad outside. Right as he shut the door they lost power. “Or we will wash and dry these clothes later.” He looked and saw the car was still gone so his mom and the girls were still gone. The only one possibly home is Lottie so she can deal with them walking up to his room in just their boxers for a second. “Strip.” Louis said looking at Harry.

“You don’t have to tell me twice.” Harry winked and pulled his shirt over his head. He pulled off his shoes and socked and his pants followed. He watched Louis finish taking his clothes off. He was awed by the firmness in his body. Louis laughed and grabbed Harry’s hand.

“Shower time!” Louis smiled and they ran into the house. He peaked into the living room and there was a note from Lottie.

Went to go hang out with friends. Be back later (: xx

“The house is all ours.” Louis smiled. He kissed Harry quickly and they ran up to Louis’ personal bathroom. “You’re dirty.” Louis joked.

“Look in the mirror babe.” Harry laughed. Louis started the shower. He stripped out of his boxers and got in the shower waiting for Harry. Harry quickly stripped and hopped in with him. The warm water ran over their bodies. Harry pulled Louis close and kissed him softly. Louis grabbed the hair wash and started to wash all the mud out of Harry’s hair. Harry did the same with Louis. Then they got the body wash and started to cleanse their bodies until they were spotless. Harry stepped back and admired Louis’ perfect body. Louis blushed and for once was hesitant. “What’s wrong?” Harry asked pulled Louis towards him. “You have the most perfect body I have ever seen and your skin is so flawless.” Harry kissed down Louis’ neck making him shutter. Louis moved his head back giving Harry more access. Harry was behind Louis and Louis’ head was now resting on his shoulder. Harry kissed his shoulder and down his arm. A moan escaped Louis’ mouth and he turned to face Harry and kissed his lips. He traced Harry’s bottom lip begging for entrance. Harry let him have it and Louis explored his mouth. Their tongues danced perfectly together. Louis played with Harry’s hand.

“I think we’ve been in enough water. Let’s get out of here.” Louis smiled and shut off the water. He stepped out of the shower and Harry followed. He handed Harry a towel and Harry ran it through his hair messing it up. Louis laughed and wrapped his towel around his waist. He walked into his bedroom and handed Harry a pair of boxers. Harry slid them on. He watched Louis do the same and then lay in bed. Harry crawled into bed next to him and they snuggled close together. Harry wrapped his arms around Louis and Louis laid his head on Harry’s chest. Harry kissed Louis’ wet hair and smiled. He looked down at Louis who was slowly falling asleep. His eyes kept shooting back open and then closing again.

“Go to sleep babe.” Harry whispered moving the hair out of his eyes. Louis groaned.

“I want to stay awake with you though.”

“I will be here when you wake up.”

“Promise?” Louis asked slightly looking up into Harry’s eyes.

“Promise.” Harry said and he watched Louis slowly drift to sleep.

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