Forever Young (Larry)

Forever Young (Larry)

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Kelli :) By KelliLeAnn1D Completed

Zayn and Louis have been best friends since kindergarten. Zayn always felt like he had to protect Louis. Ever since Louis came out that he was gay Zayn seemed to be protecting him ever more. No one seemed to have a problem with it, but Zayn still worried. Louis and Zayn practically ran the school. Girls were constantly over Zayn and Louis. Louis would laugh at the girls who tried to get him, but he also found it flattering at the same time. Zayn enjoyed the female attention, but he was always searching for that one girl to catch his eye and capture his heart. He was getting quite tired of waiting. Zayn and Louis were sitting at the lunch table. Louis was laughing at a joke when he felt a cool liquid fall across his head. He turned to see a curly haired boy with stunning green eyes laughing at him. Zayn jumped up and knocked the milk out of his hand. "What the hell dude?" Zayn yelled

"Oh, so you are protecting this fag? What are you, his butt buddy?" the curly haired boy said. Louis tu...

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