Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Harry was on his way to meet up with Liam and Niall when he ran into Kelsey and Milan. “Hey guys.” Harry said cheerfully. They both groaned and held their heads. “Someone partied too hard last night. Milan that’s what you get for partying with Zayn.” Harry laughed and walked away. He ran over to Niall and Liam and sat down next to Niall. Liam was busy making out with Celine that he obviously wasn’t paying attention.

“I’m guessing you didn’t go to the party last night, or you are really good at hiding a hangover.” Niall laughed

“Nah, I didn’t go. I spent the day with Louis instead.” Niall grinned at Harry. “What?”

“Oh nothing. You guys are just cute. That’s all.” Harry gave Niall a suspicious look. “And I’m waiting for you to tell me what this ring is!” Niall pulled Harry’s hand up. Harry blushed and looked at the ground. “Does this happen to be an engagement ring?”

“Well, it’s illegal for us to get married, but when we go somewhere where it is legal we are definitely getting married.” Niall gave Harry a smile and a hug.

“I’m so happy for you Harry! It’s great seeing you happy.”

“Thanks Nialler.” Harry’s phone went off and he pulled out his phone to check it. His phone said “Message from The most sexiest person that ever lived, but you call me Boobear.” Harry laughed and figured that Louis changed it sometime last night.

Why does school have to last so long? I miss you like crazy already! Next year is going to blow. Love you and I will be there to pick you up after school. –Boo

Harry grinned and texted back quickly

Guess you shouldn’t be so old huh? I’ll be expecting you ;)And I’m taking up your offer on the next year is going to blow thing ;) –Haz

Harry laughed at his text and put his phone away.

Louis got bored easily, so he decided to go over to Kalandra’s. Her brother and her were home schooled so she was always home unless she was out with her boyfriend Nathan. Louis drove over to her house and walked in. He hasn’t knocked in years. He heard someone running behind him. He looked back and saw Katie, Jakes girlfriend. “Shouldn’t you be in school?” Louis asked

“Today was a half day for us.” She gave a big smile and ran past Louis into the house. Louis walked in behind her. He laughed at the excitement on the young kids face. Katie ran up to Jake and jumped in his arms like she hadn’t seen him in years.

“You guys are cute.” Louis laughed and ran up to Kalandra’s room. He walked in on her and Nathan making out. “Hey slut!” Louis yelled. Kalandra looked past Nathan and rolled her eyes.

“What?” Kalandra said blushing

“Embarrassed are we?”

“Shut up! What do you want?”

“Well, I was going to see if you wanted to hang out, but I see you are busy. Stay safe!” Louis laughed while running out the door. He walked past Jake and Katie kissing. “You two stay safe too!”

“Louis!” Jake said. Louis laughed even harder and walked out of the house. He sighed and then decided to go over to Rhyanna’s. She graduated last night too. He drove over to her house and knocked on the door. She open the door and flinched at the light.

“Morning love. You look like you just woke up.”

“Because I did. Party last night remember? Oh wait, you wouldn’t know because you are a loser and didn’t go!”

“Hey now! I had other important stuff to do.”

“Like what? Bang your boyfriend?”

“We didn’t bang! Gosh woman!” They both laughed and Rhyanna let Louis in. They sat down on the couch and Rhyanna told him about the party last night.

“Zayn got hammered as usual. He couldn’t keep his hands off Milan and I’m pretty sure they fucked. Kelsey and Tom weren’t any better. Except they were a little less drunk. Zayn was bad though. Like take his normal drunk then times it by 10. I’ll be surprised if he is even up right now.”

“Want to go bother him?” Louis gave a devilish grin.

“Oh, hell yeah!” They both ran out the door and Louis drove over to Zayn’s. Zayn already lived by himself. Louis walked around the house and saw all curtains closed so it was pitch dark in the house. Louis grinned and started banging on the door. Rhyanna joined him. Zayn opened the door with his eyes half shut.

“What the hell?” His hand was covering half of his face and he was holding himself up with the door.

“Hi Zayn!” Louis yelled. He gave Zayn a big grin then ran past him in the house and opened all the curtains. “How are you!”

“Louis damnit! Quite down my head is pounding! And shut the damn curtains.” Zayn moaned and ran to the bathroom.

“Awe is someone sick? You must have drank too much Zaynie!”

“Stop yelling you ass!” Zayn looked up at him and Louis almost fell over laughing. Louis and Rhyanna stayed there and bothered Zayn until 3.

“Well, this is too unfortunate, but I’m going to pick up Harry. Zayn clean yourself up. You look like a homeless man and you smell like sex. You want to ride with me Rhyanna?”

“Nah. I’ll stay with Zayn and bother him some more.” Zayn groaned and Louis and Rhyanna laughed.

“Okay. See you late.” Louis kissed Rhyanna’s cheek and slammed the door shut. He heard Zayn groan from the other side of the door. Louis laughed again and drove to pick up Harry. He arrived at the school a few minutes before the final bell. He got out of the car and sat on the hood. After the bell he found Harry walking out with Liam and Niall. They both hugged him and Louis made out the words Congratulations. Louis smiled when he saw Harry smile. Harry turned and saw Louis sitting on the hood. Harry gave him a cheeky grin and walked over to the car.

“You don’t even understand how hot you look right now.” Harry said. He placed a kiss on Louis’ lips and they got into the car. Harry intertwined his fingers with Louis’ and kissed him again. “I missed you so much babe. Even though it was only 8 hours.”

“I missed you too. I was so bored! I went to bother a bunch of hungover people. Zayn was the funniest.” Louis laughed.

“He seemed to get Milan very drunk last night. And Kelsey seemed bad too.” Harry gave a chuckle and leaned his head on Louis shoulder. “Niall told me to tell you he thought we are super cute and congrats with this whole ring thing.”

“I think we are cute too.” Louis grinned and kissed the top of Harry’s head.

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