Chapter 9

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*Sorry, this chapter is short and crappy. I didn't really have any ideas.*

Louis woke up early in the morning. He was wrapped in Harry’s arms again. He smiled and got up to take a shower. He really needed it. He got out and saw that Harry was gone. Louis frowned then walked downstairs. He smelt food so he walked into the kitchen and saw Harry in his boxers cooking food. He gave him a smile and kissed his cheek. “Mind if I go somewhere real quick?” Louis asked

“Sure. Hurry back babe.” He gave him a quick kiss and ran to put some clothes on. He drove over to Kalandra’s and walked inside. Katie and Jake were one the couch cuddled up watching a movie.

“Hi Jake and Katie right?”

“Yupp!” She seemed very bubbly.

“Good choice Jake. She is very pretty. Where is your sister?”

“Upstairs.” Louis ran up and ran through her door. Kalandra had her nose stuck in a book, so Louis decided to jump on top of her.

“Louis, what are you doing!” Kalandra yelled laughing

“Hey beautiful.” He winked

“Get off me nasty.”

“Oh so I’m nasty now?” Louis moved and got closer to Kalandra’s face.

“Don’t even.”

“I’ll lick you!”

“Go away!”

“Fine. Sorry about last night by the way.” Louis crawled off of Kalandra and laid down on her bed. “I had my phone shut off.”

“I noticed. I also noticed you had a lot of fun last night.”

“Shhh let’s not talk about that.” Louis laughed. “But, I got to get back. Love you!”

“Love you too! Have fun with Harry.”

“Always do. Bye.” Louis ran out of the house and drove back to Harry. “Hazza! I’m back!” Harry came out of the kitchen and Louis ran to him. He jumped into his arms and laughed. “I act like I haven’t seen you in months.”

“I like it. It’s cute.” Harry said kissing Louis.

“I don’t want to go back to school!”


“Because then I can’t hold you in my arms and kiss you.”

“I’m sorry Louis, I’m still just not quite ready.”

“I understand Haz. It’s okay as long as I get you in between classes.” Louis winked. Louis kissed Harry and grabbed his hand. “Thank you Harry. For last night.”

“Oh, it was my pleasure.” Harry smiled and dragged Louis to the couch. Louis laid down in Harry’s arms and they sat there kissing. Harry turned on the tv and Friends was playing.

“Friends! Oh my god! Keep it on this channel!” Louis said excitedly. Harry laughed and turned it up.

“Stop being so cute.” Harry laughed and kissed the top of Louis head. Louis snuggled up closer to Harry and Harry played with his hair. “There is just so much I want to tell you.” Harry whispered.

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