"Facetime interview"

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~~ Niall's point of view~~

After that happened between me and zayn he wouldn't leave me alone. I mean seriously. When i went to get water he went to get water. When i went to our room he went to our room.

Don't get me wrong i love him i do. But with him here at my every move he's going to catch me doing something that might make him change his mind on me.

I'm so confused on how he's acting. Does he like me back? No way right? He's straight. At least that's what i thought. Then what was that kiss?

There no way he can like me. How can someone like me if i don't even like myself.

I sighed to myself looking at zayn who was on the coach laying right on the edge. Any movement he'll fall. He still hasn't noticed i came down. I left him for a few minutes to use the bathroom. I needed to make sure my cuts wouldn't bleed through.

I stood for a few seconds contemplating how to walk over. Sounds stupid but that's what anxiety does to a person.

I walked over timidity sitting on the edge of the couch. He turned his head a little too quickly to see me that he ended up falling flat on the floor.

"Oh my god zayn!" I knelt down next to him. He just laid on the floor face down.

"Well that was embarrassing"he murmured chuckling. I couldn't help myself but let out a small giggle. Immediately after i did that i put my hands over my mouth with wide eyes

He looked up also with wide eyes but the biggest smile on his face. "That was the cutest thing i ever heard" he said removing my hands from my mouth.

"Haha ok just let's get off the floor" i said quickly trying to hide my roses cheeks. He jumped up reaching out his hand. I took it but instead of pulling me up be pulled me into a hug again.

"I'm sorry I'm so huggy today" he hummed as he rested his head on the top of my hair. My whole body felt all tingly as he holds me.

Zayns never a touchy or emotional person. But these past days had shown me a whole new side of him. I'm so shocked really. If i wasn't so insecure I'd say i love it. I'm just so nervous he'll see how ugly or untalented i actually am and leave me

Right as he snuggled his head on the top of my head harry came busting in the door.

"BOYYYYS ANNOUNCEMENT— woah woah woah who said you get all the Niall hugs!" Harry came jumping over the couch slamming into me making us both fall backwards on the floor. I hit my arm on the way down trying to steady myself.

Shit. It hurts. It hurts really really bad. I feel all the cuts that were healing just opened. Harry was laying in top of me snuggling my chest.

"Hmmmmmm this is niceeeee. You smell like strawberries" he said while still laying on me. I tried my hardest not to show any pain in my face when i looked up at him.

He had a look of anger on his face. What did i do? Did i mess this up already? I wouldn't be surprised. I felt blood start to ooze onto my sleeve so i slightly pushed harry off of me making a run for the bathroom.

~~ zayns point of view~~

Harry's is too close to Niall. I know i sound very very obsessive but he's mine. Ok that made it sound worse.

I tried my hardest not to throw harry off because i know all the boys love him and this is how harry always acts.

Louis came running into the room mouthing 'i tried to stop him' catching his breathe at the door.

All of a sudden Niall's face dropped and he got up and ran out of the room holding his arms. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. I couldn't stop him from getting hurt again.

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