"Ive never seen zayn cry"

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Just to clear things up zayn and Niall still share a room and zayn was in louis room before he went running to Niall.

~~ zayns point of view~~

My body couldn't move. Tears flooded to my face. He's hurting himself. Our Niall. My Niall.

Tears just flushed my whole entire face. I never cry. I mean never cry but seeing Niall like this is breaking me on levels i never saw imaginable. I didn't know how to react or what to do. All of a sudden he started to clean up the blood frantically. He grabbed bandages wrapping his arm cleaning the blood.

I backed away from the door running back to louis room. I collapsed on his bed feeling overwhelmed with my thoughts.

Why's he doing that. Why! Why is he doing it to himself. No he can't he can't!

Confronting him will only make him shut me off. I need to help him without him knowing. But what do i do! Especially now that we have kissed!

Breathe breathe! I can't focus on my feeling right now i need to focus on Niall. I need to do everything in my power to make him feel better. Make him love himself.

He needs to love himself to love me. Woah. Did i just admit to myself that i want him to love me. I-i don't even know what to think. Wow I'm in love with band mate.

I laid my head on louis soft pillow. I grabbed the blanket shoving it over my face screaming into it. Who knew feelings could escalate so quickly. Seeing him like that makes me want to just jump up and down crying out for him to stop.

I-i need help. I need someone's help. I can't deal with this on my own. I need to help Niall and i know one person that will definitely know what to do.

Louis. I picked up my phone texting him to come here ASAP.

Not even 15 second later be came sprinting into the room out of breath.

"So what happened with ziall!!— woah mate who died?" Louis expression changed completely when he saw my wreck of a face.

"Louis come in." I got up closing the door behind him. Thank god harry isn't in the room right now since him and Louis do share a room.

"Look louis i really shouldn't be telling you this since it's not my place to tell. But i need your help and i know you'll know what to do." I looked up at him and his face had fallen completely serious i knew i can trust him.

"You need to promise me not to tell the other boys. I'm not kidding louis this is very very very important" tears swelled in my eyes. I don't want to keep this from the boys but i need too. The only reason i choose Louis to tell was because he walked in before. Also he's the best at advice. Even if he doesn't seem like it.

Louis looked at me confused but nether the less nodded at my request. The tears in my eyes spilled since I'm unable to keep them back. Louis face grew increasingly concerned.

"Niall h-he i-i well... isawhimcutting" i looked up at Louis who looked at me at confusion.

" slower zayn please. I've never seen you like this lad" i shook my head pacing the floor. I tugged at my head frustratingly.

"I found Niall cutting. Himself. Like hurting himself. In our room when i went to go talk to him." I looked up at Louis who dropped his phone which was in his hand. His face struck with shock.

"-b-b-but n-no he cant- no" his voice became high pitched as his eyes laced with tears. He stumbled backwards falling on his bed.

"But not o-our Niall. Not our innocent l-little leprechaun. He's too good for this life why does this have to happen to him." He chocked on his own words. Tears flooded both of our faces.

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