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~~~zayns point of view~~~

"NIALL OH MY GOD NIALL THANK GOD!" Harry screamed through his tears. All of our faces were flooded with tears. we thought we lost him.

I put my hand up signaling for the boys to back up and give him some space. I stayed next to him.

I pushed the hair out of his face as he adjusted his eyes to the light. "Niall hey Niall do you hear me?" I spoke softly while still holding one of his hands. He just Winced a little bit but nodded his head.

"Get him some water" i told you louis. He ran to the kitchen right away. I tried to get him to focus his eyes and regain conscience.

"Common babe lets sit you up" He still looked out of it but i slowly lifted him up a little til he was siting with his back too the couch. I know the boys were looking at me weird from the nickname but i can't care less right now.

Louis came back with the water and i put it to his lips so he would drink. He still wasn't completely here so he did as i said.

After a few seconds of us just sitting and waiting for him to come back completely he did. And when he did he jumped out of my hold moving to the other side of the couch.

"Niall! Niall calm down please calm down!" Liam jumped trying to calm him. He just looked at us in complete fear. What can be going on in his mind?

~~~Niall's point of view~~~

What happened? One second i was doing some sort of live with the boys and the next I'm completely out.

As i finally regain some strength i look around to find all the boys over my head.

Immediately i jumped away from zayn who was holding me. I froze under there looks. All of there faces were completely a mess. Tears running down all their faces.

Zayn especially looks like he just went through hell and back. I just put my knees to my chest hugging them with my arms.

"Niall..." Zayn tried to get closer but i whimpered causing him to back away.

"P-please s-stay away f-from me" i tried my best to hid my face but they were still looking at me.

"N-Niall please tell us what happened" Harry's voice was cracking and tears spilled from his eyes again.

"I-i-i can't" i whispered not daring to look at him.

"Please Niall. If you don't we are going to need to call a doctor. We want to give you a change first to tell us." Liam was serious i know he is.

T-they can't call a doctor! They would do a full checkup and they'll know about my cutting! I can't let them know about that. And if they call the doctor, Simon would know I'm starving myself.

I guess i have to tell them. Tell them a part of what's wrong with me. Because if i don't the the rest of the world will know. I can't let that happen.

What do i do?

Tears flooded down my face and i started to sob with all of them looking at me. Zayn also started to cry when he saw me.

"I-if i tell you... you have to promise you won't tell management or anyone!" My voice sounded desperate tears still flooding down my face.

"Ok Niall we promise" Louis said wary. I know he was unsure of what was to come. I just wish i could die right now. Right this second.

I guess it's time to explain part of what's wrong with me.

~~ zayns point of view~~

He uneasily shifted on the couch tugging at his clothes. We all surrounded him waiting for him to continue.

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