"we cant lose him"

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~~~zayns point of view~~~

The next few moments happened in a blur. I was screaming. desperately screaming. My screams echoed through the forest as i tried my best to stop the bleeding.

I was hysterical. Anyone would think i was crazy. The rest of the boys had run up to me and i could hear them all hysterically crying. I just held his body trying to get some response. His hair fell on his face and through my tears i used my shaky hand to move it out of his face. He's beautiful. He's everything to me. He can't leave he can't leave now.

"NIALL! YOU CANT LEAVE US NIALL WE LOVE YOU!" Louis screamed looking for some sort of answer. Liam took over covering his cuts. I stood back looking. My heart was in millions of pieces. I threw myself on his limp
Body taking in as much as possible.

Liam held back Louis as he cursed out the world for being so cruel. Harry stood shell shocked. Too shocked to move. I just held him. Held him like it was the last thing i would ever do. Niall you are my everything. Niall you are my life and soul.

"Why would you do this Niall? Don't you see how much we love you and need you?" My voice was quite and breaking with the tears swelling my voice.

Paramedics came rushing over to treat Niall. "Please move aside sir" Liam grabbed me pulling me back while they did there thing.

My eyes blurred as i heard them talk "male, weighs about 100 pounds, underweight, attempted suicide" Harry broke down onto the floor crying and Louis took him i to his arms comforting. It finally set for him.

"Not our Niall. Not our happy go lucky Niall" he sobbed into Louis shirt.

"No heart rate! Start chest compressions" Loud sobs came from my mouth. I tried to push out of Liam's hold but he was too strong.

My sobs echoed loudly through the forest as they picked up Niall to take him to the ambulance. Every piece of my body was numb. This one boy means so much to us all. And we let him down.

"Common Niall we love you Niall everyone loves you Niall. Please just please!" We all desperately tried to tell him how much we love him but it was too late. We should have done this all the time. before be broke right in front of our eyes.

I got out of Liam's hold running up to him. Simon was out of breath confused on what happened.

"One person can go with us" one of the paramedics said quickly. Simone went to get in but i stopped him.

"I'm going." He gave me a sidewards face like what was zayn Malik doing caring.

"That's not your choice zayn. I must go." Who does he think he is. I pushed past him getting into the ambulance.

"I said I'm going!" Simone stepped back letting me get in and then drive away. I was a reck he knew not to mess with me. I would have not hesitated to punch the shit out of him.

They franticly tried to revive him. I held his hand sobbing into his cold pale skin. Common babe please wake up. Please I'll do anything. Just open those blue eyes.

All the memories. All the happy moment. All the signs. They all flooded in my head. How could i be so stupid. How could i not help him more? It was so damn obvious how the hell could i let him down? My little leprechaun. My everything is dying.

Sobs continued to rack over my body. I've never been too religious but god if you are listening please. He deserves more than this.

They asked me to step back while they shocked him. I curled myself into a ball looking at his body jump. Why didn't i do anything sooner? I love you Niall i love you Niall. Please Niall please my blond little baby!

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