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**NOTE: All the females except Capricorn female are turning 18. The Capricorn female is the youngest of the group turning 16. Does that make sense? I'm sorry if it doesn't**

•.:°× A R I E S ×°:.•
"I can't bear with patience."

NAME | Alyssa Brookbanks
BIRTHDAY | April 1st (oof. But she likes this day so she can prank the others.)
HOUSE | House 5
HOUSEMATES | Lily & Sienna
Meet Alyssa; the athletic one of the group. This girls loves to be wild and is also a rebelious athlete of the group. She is also a prankster and loves to set up pranks for the teachers (especially the Science Lab where *cough*). Despite her wild side, she can be calm as well. She also loves to play on the drums. She has long wavy ginger hair, freckles and brown eyes.

•.:°× T A U R U S ×°:.•
"There are three zones to me. The 'I agree' zone, the 'I disagree' zone and the 'I don't care lol' zone."

NAME | Tahlia Morgan
BIRTHDAY | May 6th
HOUSE | House 6
HOUSEMATES | Vivian & Cleo
Meet Tahlia; the friendly welcomer of the group. This girl is kinda shy and loves to help others. She is also good at cooking and photography. Tahlia is also the best to go with maths homework and English homework since she loves those very much. She is also the type of person who would listen to everything her friends say and give the best hugs. She is plus-sized (and a queen while slaying it) has straight brown long hair normally tied to a braid and brown eyes.

•.:°× G E M I N I ×°:.•
"I didn't grow up this social. Seriously I am- AIKA TURN DOWN THAT ELECTRIC GUITAR!!!"

NAME | Giselle Roberts
BIRTHDAY | May 26th
HOUSE | House 7
HOUSEMATES | Lizzy & Aika
FAVE COLOUR | Rose gold
Meet Giselle; the social butterfly of the group. At first glimpse, Giselle may be spoilt, but really she doesn't care about that. The girl is also a huge fan of colour coding.... don't ask. She has lightly tanned skin, long wavy brown hair and dark brown eyes. 

•.:°× C A N C E R ×°:.•
"One word: Oof."

NAME | Carol Franklin
BIRTHDAY | July 1st
HOUSE | House 8
HOUSEMATES | Sabrina & Phoebe
FAVE COLOUR | Pastel blue
Meet Carol; one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. She also acts like a mother-figure to the others. She is a huge fan of Imagine Dragons and oh yeah, she will spend time on her phone texting her friends. However, Carol has someone from the past that she gets upset over. She has long ginger hair with curls at the end and green eyes

•.:°× L E O ×°:.•
"Does anybody have a map?"

NAME | Lillian (Lily) Hansen
BIRTHDAY | July 30th
HOUSE | House 5
HOUSEMATES | Alyssa & Sienna
Meet Lillian, or Lily for short. She is the one who loves performing in plays and watching musicals. The girl is also the performing arts captain and is known for her star roles in school concerts. Seriously. She also loves fashion, for some reason. Despite her love for the performing arts, she is a big sister figure to her housemates. Lily has long straight blonde hair and blue eyes.

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