Chapter 6

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Your pov


Suddenly I looked up and saw Kris, Susie and a little fluffy boy wearing a green cloak, green wizard hat with a ribbon on top and a red scarf to go with his costume.

"Uhh... Hi guys, long time no see, ey?" I nervously spoke. Jevil not making any noise.

"Don't hey guys us, where were you?!" Susie shouted, stomping towards me.

"Oh, I'm sorry that you left me in that stupid cave all alone! Not my fault people forget me! Not my fault that I'm always left alone!" I shouted back, starting to get pissed off.

I stood up and unsheathed my sword, ready to fight. Susie got out her axe as Kris got out his sword and the little ball of floof tried to calm down Susie and Kris.

"G-guys, we need her, please don't fight!" The ball of floof jumped in front of Susie and Kris. Kris put his sword away as Susie just growled and kept her axe in her hands.

"Uhh hee! more, more visitors, do you want to play too!?" Jevil shouted, making Susie jump and look around scared.

"Oh, yeah, him, well, have you guys found any pieces of a key? I need to find them quickly," I asked as I put my sword away but Susie still held her axe.

"Why the he-" Susie was cut off by Floofy boy.

"U-umm we found a piece of a key, why do you need it?" Floofy boy asked.

"I need it so get this guy out of there and play a game with him," I explained.

"Why do you need to set him free? Isn't there a good reason as to why he's in there?" Susie just looked confused.

"Well, imagine you being trapped in a cell, all alone, nobody to talk to you, how would you feel?"

"Uhh, great, cuz I wouldn't be there in the first place!" Susie boasted.

I looked towards floofy boi and asked "By the way, what's your name? I can't call you cute floofy boy all the time now, can I?"

"O-oh, my name is Ralsei, the prince of darkness, nice to meet you!" Ralsei exclaimed with a blush evident on his face.

I held out my hand and Ralsei shook it and let go.

"Anyways, now that we all know each other, give me the piece" I demanded.

"No! You need to come with us so we can all go home! Also we don't need to free some kind of psychopath from this cell, there may be a very good reason as to why he is stuck there, you don't know what he has done!" Susie shouted to me, hands tightening around the hand of her axe while her knuckles turn white.

"You don't know what he has done either, but everyone deserves a second chance, and I don't want to go home! It's not like anyone will miss me or have anyone to go back to!" I argued back while taking out my sword

"Fight me! If you win then you get the piece, if you lose then you come with us and never come back here again! But first, think about your parents, think about your family back home, think about your friends back home, they will all miss you!"

"Fine! I'll fight you!" I declaired with tears running out my eyes, thankful that I got this mask.

Susie swung her axe downwards and the area turned black and white. Susie swung her axe once again and a bunch of white axes came flying out of it.

The axes came flying towards me, out of reflexes I jumped out the way and dodged them all.

It was my turn now. I made my violin appear and played a lullaby. It was a simple one. Twinkle twinkle little star, yet, Susie fell asleep. So out of pity, I spared her.

The area turned back to normal and Kris came up to me, handing me the piece, he nodded and went to Ralsei who was trying to pick up Susie. Kris helped pick up Susie and they both carried her towards the elevator and away they went.

I turned around and said, "right, I got the three pieces, do you know anywhere where I can get them fixed?"

I heard quiet mumbling from the other side until Jevil finally spoke up, "there's a smith, a black smith, up a path from the bake sale after the scarlet fields, there, there you can fix it and play with me, me!"

With that, I sat goodbye and Jevil replied with a bye bye and I set on my way to exit the castle and keep my promise to play with the jester.

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