Chapter 4

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Your pov

Continuing on my journey I find all sorts of things such as an area of a checker board like style.

I was calmly walking through the checker boarded area until I magically get taken back to the start.

"Wit?" I say aloud to no one directly.

I look at the ground and see that its turning white at some parts then back to normal. I came up with a theory and to test it, I walked over to the area as it is white. And yup, I was right, the white takes you back to the start.

I looked at the floor to see any pattern, there is one. Left, right, left, right.

Getting the timing in my head, I run for it. Jumping left, right, left, right till I got to the end.

I finally made it to the end of the puzzle. I panted with hands on knees catching my breath.

When catching my breath I saw another one of those snake people but this time they're red. They are coming my way, avoiding the white floor. When they reached me, my I think my vision is going crazy because more appear from behind the first one, that is until I realise that my vision is perfect and they're actually that many and now they're surrounding me, great.

They all summon diamonds at once, still surrounding me.

The diamonds close in.




I got hit, my vision gets blurry as they get closer to me. All I see is red.

I feel something pick me up.

I look only to see the blurriness is the colour blue and red.


********tem skipz*******

I wake up, only to find I'm in a grey cell, white bars with a pile of black moss in the corner.


Groggily, I stand up only to tumble and fall to my knees. I get up again and shuffle over to the wall and place my hand on it to keep my balance.

"For fuck sake, honestly, what the fuck is happening?" I ask myself, voice echoing off the corners of the room, repeating the same question over and over.

I slowly slid down the wall, the noise of fabric scraping against brick as I slid down to the ground and sat cross legged.

I took off my mask to see if there is any damage to it, and of course there is. Right there on my mask was three big cracks, one running right through the left eye, another running from the bottom of the right eye and connecting to the mouth and the third going from the mouth, down the chin and to the bottom of the mask.

Great, now I have to find someone or something to fix it.

I place it back on my face and sat in silence for a while.

I shove my hand into my pocket and grab everything and place it on my lap.

On my lap sat the three dark candies, the piece of key and a piece of paper.

Wait... I don't remember picking up a piece of paper.

The paper is neatly folded into a mini envelope that is obviously carrying something.

I open the envelope and see another piece of the key with a tiny bit of paper with small writing attached to it.

I look at the note attached to the key and set the piece next to the one I already have.

'Hey, Y/n, it's me, Seam, I saw you play earlier and I think you're the right person to deal with what these pieces lead to, see you around... Or maybe not and stop reading this, you're wasting time.' I can't help but smile after reading the small text, I giggled as I scrunched up the paper and put the now two thirds of a key into my pocket.

I grabbed a dark candy and ate it for I need sugar to wake me up.

I didn't realise how hungry I was after going to grab the third dark candy only to realise that I have none left.

Quickly, I stood up and walked towards the cell bars and look around to find anything that can let me out.

In front of the cell is a long hallway entirely made up of black and white bricks with a dull grey path leading towards pitch black shadows from the lack of light.

I took out my sword and look at it, checking how thin it is. I examine the door for a lock. Bingo. I found one, but it's on the outside.

I slink my arm through the bars then slide my sword through and put it inside the lock.

I move it around inside the lock, trying to unlock it. Instead I broke the lock. Big gaping hole now in the door, I put my hand through the hole and turn the knob.


A loud ear piercing creak echoed through the hall as the door slowly opened.

Tip toeing my way down the hall making sure to make no noise.

I reach the end on the hall to find that the path splits into two. I look left, clear. I look right, there, a snake guard slithering down the hallway so quickly I take the left path to find an elevator.

The elevator opens and a couple of octopus heart things walked out talking to each other.

"Hey, have you heard about the new prisoner? I heard that under the mask she's very beautiful and has the voice of an angel,"

"Really? Has anyone seen her with her mask off though?"

"Nah, but it's just a rumour, knowing her being a lightener she will be ugly as fuck,"

"Dude, don't judge a book by it's cover, also were gonna be taking her to the king so we will be able to prove you wrong when we get to her cell,"

"OK, but if she is ugly you gimmie 200D$ and if I'm wrong...."

Their conversation dies down as they walk down the hallway towards my cell, quickly when nobody's there I run into the elevator and press one of the three buttons.

A light starting from the middle button then lighting up to the top I assume my ride is done.

The doors slowly slide open. Taking a peek outside when the door is partially open, I think I made a grave mistake, there are like five snake people with two heart people.

"Hey! The prisoner has escaped!" One of them shout as he sees me through the gap in the door.

"Shit, shit, shit!!!!" Is what I scream at the top of my lungs as I rapidly smash the button to close the door.

Luckily the door shut and I smacked the bottom button to see if there is anywhere I can hide down there.


The elevator has arrived, I take a deep breath as the door opens...

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