Chapter 11

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sorry if I offend any people in this chapter, this is a warning in case you are sensitive about things such as rape, selfharm, abuse and more negative things if so then skip when I tell you to.

You have been warned.

Your pov

I walk into my home only to be held by knife point by my mother.

"SO!? Where have you been!!??" She shouted in my face, fuck sake, say it don't spray it.

"I was with friends" I mumbled to her, trying not to talk so much because of the knife.

"You don't have friends so that's bull shit, even Onionsan has more friends than you, so where have you been!!!" More spit fell onto my face as she screamed more, I'm pretty sure a bit went in my mouth. Yuck.

"As I've said, I was with friends," I repeated.

"And what the hell is this?" She pointed the knife to my wrist with the bracelet. Ready to cut it.

"A friend gave it to me," I spoke more clearly as the knife was removed from by throat.

"You have no friends," she growled as she cut the bracelet. Waiting for the jingle of the bell as it fell to the floor but it never came. I look down expecting to see the bracelet on the floor, instead it was on my wrist still in one piece, not even scratched.

"I'm going out right now, the house better be spotless, and I mean SPOTLESS, I will be bringing back a man tonight so it better be so clean I can see me reflection on the floor" she said with a menacing glare - probably cause she couldn't break the bracelet - and slammed the door shut as she walked out.

"Well, time to get cleaning" I muttered as I walked to the closet and grabbed a mop and bucket as Well as other cleaning supplies.

Working my way from top to bottom I dusted, sprayed, brushed and mopped every surface of the mansion. Getting to the room at the end of the upstairs left hall I entered to my Mothers pleasure room.

Disgusted, I didn't touch the drawers and used a rubbish picker to pick up the used condoms, hooverd the carpet, switched the sheets, cleaned the curtains since they never move and sprayed air freshener around.

I finished and cleared up the cleaning supplies by shoving them all in the bucket and walked down the stairs, I got towards the bottom surprisingly without falling so I walked onwards to the closet.

Walking towards the closet I notice I missed a spot on the window so I quickly grabbed a random bottle along with the cloth and sprayed it...

Only it didn't spray on the window...

"AHHHHH, THE PAIN!!!" I screeched at the top of my lungs as the lemon juice mixed with baking powder was sprayed into my eyes. Quickly stumbling my way towards the kitchen to the sink while feeling for any obstacles - which some were unfortunate enough to be found by my hands and get knocked over- I made it to the sink in one piece.

Quickly I turned on the tap and scooped the water pouring out. I moved the handful of water and splashed it onto my face.

I kept repeating this until the excruciating pain turned into light stinging.

Slowly I opened my eyes and looked at the living room to find ornaments and broken glass on the floor.

"Shit!" I shouted as I ran to pick up the ornaments and sweep up the broken glass.

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