Chapter 5

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Your pov

The elevator door opened. Expecting guards to be there I layed my hand on my sword, ready to fight.

The door finally opened, I took my sword out, closed my eyes and stabbed the air in front of me hopefully stabbing any sneople.

I opened my eyes only to see nobody there, instead I walk out and hear some sort of circus music playing.

I look to the left and see a set of stairs so out of curiosity I walk down them. I walk down them with care because of my clumsiness but... Instead, my feet decide to trip and I tumble all the way down to the bottom.

Rolling down for about five minutes, I smak my head against a pipe? Pole? At the bottom when I came to a studded stop.

"Mother trucker, that hurt like a butt cheek on a stick!" I shout to no one in particular as I stand up and rub my head.

"Uhh hee! Finally! A visitor! They locked me away you see! I am innocent! Innocent!! They say they lock me away, saying that I'M being imprisoned! But they don't know that I'm the one who is free, but... My freedom has been lonely, nobody to talk to, nobody to play with, but, finally someone is here to play! Will you play a game with me?!" A voice echoed around the room as I looked around to see where it's coming from.

"Sorry, but... I don't really like to play games with strangers, I would play a game with you, but I didn't even know you," I felt pity for him, but my instincts are screaming at me not to play his game.

"Oh, that's a shame, but I could talk to you so you can play with me!" The person shouted, I finally found where their voice is coming from. It is coming from behind a big wall running from the ceiling to the dark pit below. There is no entrance to the room the person is in, just a big panel of metal in the shape of a doorway.

"Fine, I'll talk, don't really have anything else to do, just waiting for the guards to stop looking for me," I started, I plopped onto the floor in front of the metal doorway and crossed my legs, "so I'll be here a while, so what's your name?"

"My name is Jevil, I can do anything! I was the court jester along with Seam, the court magician" Jevil said behind the wall.

"Well, my name is Y/n, I am a human and I don't even know what I'm doing here, first I was getting chalk from a storage cupboard, the ground collapsed and I am in this world, learned that I am some type of magical magician, got caught my sneople and escaped and now hiding here, talking to you," I basically explained what was happening to me.

"Sneople?" Jevil questioned.

"Yeah, you know, snake people? I kinda made it up myself" I explained to him.

It was quiet for a moment with the sound of mumbling from the other side. "I remember now, I think you mean Ruddins, the snakes with diamonds on their heads?"

"Yeah, those things, oh, what are the octopus heart thing called?"

"I think they're Hathys" Jevil told me.

"So, what are you doing in there? How'd you get there In the first place?"

"Well, long story, so, the days before the chaos happened, before the dark knight, I used to play games with Seam, we were a happy and oblivious to the truth," Jevil started, "during the time when the dark knight came, I found a man, he was hiding in the shadows, I noticed him and we talked, he told me about everything, about the truth of this world,"

"What was his name?" I interrupted his story.

"I can't quite remember, the only thing that comes to mind is The Man Who Speaks In Hands" he recalled, "now, you've heard enough about me, what about you, what was your life like before you came to this game?"

"Hmm, I don't really want to go into details, but lets say it was shit, nobody really ever noticed me, and if they did, they would... They would..." I couldn't finish the sentence, the memories are too painful to remember.

Before I knew it there was a tear running down my cheek, then another and now a whole stream of them are coming out. I couldn't hold the sobs back, now my sobs echoed through out the darkness.

I took my mask off and onto the ground next to me so I could wipe my tears.

"Hey, don't cry... You said you are a musician, right?" Jevil said, trying to make me stop crying.

"Y-yes" I managed to choke out through the lump in my throat.

"Sing me a song! I want to listen to a song, a song!" he said.

"OK, any one in particular? Or..." I asked, unsure of the right song to sing.

"Anyone! Anyone will do!" He requested.

"OK... Here goes nothing..." I said, getting comfortable. Sitting back, head against the wall and knees pulled up against my chest.

"When the light is running low..." I started.

"And the shadows start to grow,

And the places that you know, seem like fantasy,

There's a light inside your soul,

That's still shining in the cold,

With the truth,

The promise in our hearts,

Don't forget,

I'm with you in the dark..."

When I finished the song I heard clapping from the other side of the wall along with some whistles.

"Beautiful! Beautiful! That was amazing, who taught you that!" Jevil applauded, but when he asked that question, it hit a nerve.

"No one special," I replied coldly, a bit harsher than expected.

"By the way, how do I get you out of here? Is there like a big huge ass key that I have to carry down these steps or some secret lever hidden in this castle?" I asked, curious on how to get him out there, I actually curious to see what he looks like.

"Uhh hee!!!! Yes, there is a key, but it's in three pieces, I'll give you a hint to one, the shopkeeper knows about it" Jevil shouted, excited that he's got someone to play with.

"Oh, you mean Seam? Yeah already got a piece off of him, actually I have two already, I just can't find the third," I casually said. I shoved my hand into the pocket and brought out the two pieces and fiddled around with them.

"So you're already playing the game! Find the third piece and I can share my freedom with you! We can finally play! Play!" Jevil shouted, clapping and dancing from what I can hear.

I stopped playing with them, silence now filling the room as Jevil stopped clapping and dancing while I didn't speak a word. Listening to the silence was calming, until we heard the sound of the elevator doors opening.

Footsteps now tapping down the stairs, I closed my eyes waiting for the people walk down the stairs.

After a few minutes, the people came to an abrupt stop.


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