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HOW FUN! FUN! (Jevil X Reader) by GoldenDreemurr
HOW FUN! FUN! (Jevil X Reader)by Golden Dreemurr
You are a new servant for the King of Spades in his castle, your job is simple yet boring, you have always found curious that one '???' level in the elevator, one day Ro...
Jevil in Hazbin Hotel by Kaijufan2003
Jevil in Hazbin Hotelby Kaijufan2003
Ivan not only ends up in Hell, but also as his favorite video game character. What will happen? Read to find out.
Spinning Dream Delights 【Yandere!Jevil x Reader】 by S-aHowaito
Spinning Dream Delights 【Yandere! ▵S-a▿
『Can this be true? I can't believe what I've seen. A soul like yours - to be as strong as you are. A memory stirs... you made me think of a man, from years ago - a man w...
❤️ Deltarune Oneshots ❤️ by Debeste_Imposter
❤️ Deltarune Oneshots ❤️by Sebastian
NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS! Happy reading! Smile - Susie x Sweet!Reader Quiet People - Kris x Female!Reader Tough Luck - Susie x Tomboy!Reader (PART 1) Healing - Flirty!R...
Jevil sneaks into the light world! by SlenderTing
Jevil sneaks into the light world!by SLENDER TING
JEVIL sneaking into the light world? What could possibly go wrong? How could this little clown cause so much trouble? well dear reader care to find out?
❤️💗DeltaRune Boyfriend Scenarios💗❤️ by RyaBerry
❤️💗DeltaRune Boyfriend Scenarios� YEEEEET
The Characters In this story are only { Rouxls, King Spade, and Jevil } sorry for the disappointment I know you wanted the rest of the characters like Ralsei the fluffy...
Jevil x reader oneshots by MaryDarkheart
Jevil x reader oneshotsby Mary Darkheart
Just a collection of various Jevil x Reader one-shots that I will be writing and I hope you all will enjoy.
Deltarune Preferences by Berry_Skittles
Deltarune Preferencesby Oh shit
~Some Preferences For Deltarune Characters~ | characters include | Kris Susie Ralsei Noelle Lancer Rouxls Kaard Jevil And any more you want me to add OTHER STUFF 1. no...
Wholesome Deltarune Oneshots by ThatDorkyIntrovert
Wholesome Deltarune Oneshotsby ThatDorkyIntrovert
(COMPLETE! Thanks ya'll for coming! :D) See the rules before requesting, thanks! All of these will be SFW, with only possibly some very light swearing. I'll just kinda t...
Deltarune Oneshots -REQUESTS CLOSED- by maniacwithachainsaw
Deltarune Oneshots -REQUESTS sawyer
Deltarune Oneshots! I work off of requests, request a character and I'll start writing! (may take a couple days) Fluff, angst, no lemons. Requests are currently: clos...
Deltarune memes by uh-huh_yeah
Deltarune memesby hey there
WeLl FlIp mY FLaPjAcKs ------------------------- HIGHEST RATING: #1 in Deltarune (I don't own these memes)
Joker's Running Wild (Deltarune, Super Paper Mario, Kirby Super Star) by JimmySMASH4daWIN
Joker's Running Wild (Deltarune, Jimmy
Inspired by an idea from @LuigiDaisy2, Please please PLEASE check them out! Seriously, they're great and have some really good stories!!! What happens when you find out...
Deltarune X reader oneshots (Discontinued) by DrawArtz15
Deltarune X reader oneshots ( DAT ONE YOLO KID
(Past Details) I'm back and made a new book but Instead of Sonic let's try something new shall we 😉 so after many months of writers block I finally decided to create th...
Deltarune Oneshots by 1-800-WACK-H0ES
Deltarune Oneshotsby Moss
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*ᴅᴇʟᴛᴀʀᴜɴᴇ ᴏɴᴇꜱʜᴏᴛꜱ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ This could include any character that is in both Undertale and Deltarune ♥ ⓈⓁⓄⓌ ⓊⓅⒹⒶⓉⒺⓈ 【Requests: CLOSED】 𝚃𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚔 𝚢𝚘�...
!ON HOLD!Deltarune Oneshots by jam-start
!ON HOLD!Deltarune Oneshotsby jam-start
Hello! I'm bored and wanted to try somthing new! so why not make a oneshot book with the characters of the latest game called Deltarune! this is my first time making onw...
deltarune Øň Ãçíđ (memes) by cat_thoughts
deltarune Øň Ãçíđ (memes)by cat_thoughts
just some deltarune memes
One Last Chance (Dimentio X Mr.L) by SilverStarWarrior
One Last Chance (Dimentio X Mr.L)by SilverStarWarrior
(Book 2 of 3) Luigi and Daisy are now happily married. They have put the entire incident of the Phantom behind them. The Phantom himself just seems to have disappeared...
Deltarune Scenarios and Oneshots by AnOmoriFanatic
Deltarune Scenarios and Oneshotsby AnOmoriFanatic
Deltarune is a good game. Here are some scenarios and oneshots. Deltarune by Toby Fox, but you already knew that.
Seam and Jevil (the backstory) by Thatpotato10
Seam and Jevil (the backstory)by Thatpotato10
Seam happens across an abandoned imp child on one winter night, clueless of what may lie ahead. Adventure? Tragedy? Joy? The two brave through thick and thin as father a...