Chapter 1

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Your point of view




I sat in my classroom bored as ever, tapping my pencil off the table,  waiting for Miss Alphys to come in and start class.

People started to file into class, first Beardly, who gives me that smug ass smirk then takes his seat at the middle front, then Noelle who nervously sits at the front left, then Temmie who walks in with her hard boiled egg, I feel sorry for her, she thinks it will hatch, she takes her seat at the top right, Monster Kid came in armless as ever and took his seat at the middle right, Catti looking at her phone sat at the middle left then Jockington slithered to his seat behind her, then Snowy took  seat at the back right, all that's left now is Kris and Susie.

After a few moments, Miss Alphys finally came in and waited for the late bell to ring.

*ring ring*

It rang and she started class without Susie or Kris.

"R-right class, today were going to do group projects, so... Grab a partner," Miss Alphys stuttered and everybody found a partner before I even had the chance to look around and get one.

I sighed in disappointment. It was always like this, I am always left alone. It's like. Everybody forgets I'm here. I hate it. Everyday I have this lonely feeling. Like I'm missing something.

I always try to look on the positive things, some may say that I'm too optimistic or too childish for one with a past like mine, but that's in the past, I look forward.

I look up as I hear the door opening.

"Oh, Kris, I-I thought that you were not coming today," Miss Alphys stuttered, she then asked Kris to go around class to find a partner.

Kris nodded and walked around talking to everyone, but they all claimed that they had partners.

Kris walked over to me asking if I had a partner, I shook my head no and before we could tell Miss Alphys that we are partners.


The door slammed open and Susie came walking in and an eerie yet awkward silence came in after her.

"Am I late?" Susie asked as she closed the door behind her.

Miss Alphys then quietly mumbled something, since I am at the back of the room I couldn't hear anything.

"Ah, since Susie is here why won't you partner up with Kris," Miss Alphys said as she hopingly looked at Kris.

Kris nodded his head as Susie said OK.

"Now let's begin," Miss Alphys said as she walked to the board and paused seeming to be looking around to look for something, "ha-has anyone seen the chalk? This is the third time it went missing, you sell know I can't start class without it," she sternly said as she turned to the class.

"If nobody stands up and tells me what happened to it then, then you all get punished"

"A... Anyone?"


Noelle spoke up after a few minutes of awkward silence saying that there might be some in the supply closet.

"OK, Susie, since you are the last one in here then you can go get the chalk," miss Alphys commanded Susie.

Susie heaved a sigh and walked out slamming the door shut behind her.

"Kris, Y/n, you two go make sure that she actually gets the chalk," Kris nodded and walked out the door, this time the door clicked shut.

I got up to go after them and of course, my clumsiness kicks in. My leg gets caught on my chair and I fall face first into the floor. My nose starts bleeding.

"Ah shi-" my sentence was interrupted by Miss Alphys.

"L-language Y/n, there are bandages in the supply closet, get them and I'll fix you up, again..."

I nodded and walked out the door while looking at my feet to make sure I don't trip on anything else... Instead I walk into the door.

"For fu-" I am once again interrupted by Miss Alphys.

"Language Y/n!"

I rolled my eyes.

Holding my nose I opened the door and walk out just to see Susie holding Kris up against the locker.

"-your face off" I heard Susie say as she bared her teeth.

"Oi, I'm supposed to go with you to the closet to get bandages, I can't be fucked with anything right no so could you leave the biting faces for later?" I said with a voice that clearly spoke 'I am too tired for anything'.

"Fine... You have a good mother Kris, it'd be a shame to see her bury her own child," and with that Susie walked away, but not after telling Kris that he is going to do their project.

I followed after Susie and we waited for Kris for he was getting a drink from the water fountain.

"Hehehe, you know that other people's put there lips on that and you just put yours on it," Susie laughed and I giggled a bit from Susie's mean yet true comment.

Kris then caught up with us and we all went to the supply closet... Well what we thought was the supply closet.

We opened the door and it was pitch black, so dark that it shadowed the floor we're standing on.

"W-whats that? Why's it so dark?" Susie spoke, Kris stepped back as if he was afraid of something.

*sigh* "if you two are gonna be pussies then I'll go first,"

I pushed pass them while trying to not put my bloodied hand on Kris' face.

I walk into the closet, on the ground there was paper scattered across the floor going in a straight line.

"Never knew a closet could be so big," I heard Susie speak from behind me while Kris just stayed quiet behind her.

We continued on deeper, into the 'closet' as Susie kept complaining about how creepy this place is so to shut her up I turned around and we walked back to the door.

"May as well go back, if amAlphys wants the chalk so bad, she can get it herself," I spoke as we reached the door.


The sound of a metal door slamming shut echoed through the room. Out of fear, Susie shoved past Kris and I.

"W-whats happening? Hey!LET US OUT!!!" Susie then banged the door out of anger.

Now I was getting scared, everything started to shake then the floor fell and we fell down into a dark abyss. Our screams and cries of help heard by no one but the vast empty void called the dark.


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