Chapter 9

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Right, I'm depressed right now cuz I was playing lets go eevee and I got my first shiny, it was a rattata and my parents rushed me out the door and I turned it off so later I turned it back on only to find that it didn't save A WHOLE DAY OF POKEMON AND A SHINY RATTATA WASTED BECAUSE I DIDN'T FUCKING SAVE!!!!

Your pov

"So, you ready?"

"I'm always ready for a game!" Jevil shouted as he suddenly threw spades at me, I was able to dodge them all in time but one hit me.

The world then started spinning around us, as if the world was revolving. Music started playing as the world around us spun.

I grabbed my sword and attacked him, he dodged it too.

"My Heart goes out to all you sinners!" He shouted as he threw a bunch of hearts towards my direction.

I moved my feet along with the music and dodged all the attacks.

After probably about an hour both Jevil and I were tired out, both on 1 HP and couldn't fight anymore.

"A draw, a draw! This is the first, you have played very well lightener, very well"

"Yeah, let's call this a draw" as soon as I said that both of us collapsed onto the ground, breathing deep.

The door creaked open yet both of us didn't move an inch, I heard whispers.

"It's gone quiet"

"Do you think she won?"

"I hope she lost"

"Susie! Be nice"

"I'm only joking"

"Shut up both of you"

"*gasp* there they are"

The tapping of steps grew louder and stopped right at my ear. The rustling of cloth then a thud.

I felt something putting pressure on my head and someone muttering something.

They stopped muttering and the flow stopped, I suddenly feel better.

I sat up and find the delta trio surrounding me as Ralsei stands up. I look to my left and see Jevil breathing heavily, I looked in my pocket, took out a donut and gave it to him.

Jevil grabbed it out my hand and ate it in one bite.

As quickly as he ate that donut he stood up and hugged me.

Me being me about hugs and get awkward at physical contact, I awkwardly hug him back with an awkward pat.

Jevil got up from the hug and spoke, "ha ha ha, what fun, you are fast, fast, strong, strong, uhee he he, lightener, from within this cell, take me with you," he turned into the scythe he was using and landed in my hands.

"Soooooo.... that it?" I ask, for a moment I swear I thought I saw the scythe glow when I said that.

Susie walked up from behind and put an arm on my shoulder, "let's go and beat up the spade king guy so we can go home,"

"Who now? Now I'm confused, I thought we just find a portal and that was it" I asked, now annoyed we don't get to spend a longer time in this world.

I saw the scythe give a comforting glow for a moment then it stopped.

"King spade is

trying to stop us from closing the fountain, he wants to keep it open, now lets go," Ralsei explained and Susie grabbed my hand then dragged me up to the first floor.

She then dragged me up some stairs, down a hall and up another couple flights of stairs with more halls. We finally stopped at a place called the hip shop.

She let go of my hand and went to the room beside it while I followed Kris and Ralsei into the shop.

Inside we were greeted with a voice saying "welcome to my shop you ungreatful worms"

Kris bought an Amber card and handed it to me along with a ribbon which he took off of Ralsei as he gave him a dainty scarf.

"What the hell do you want me to do with these?" I asked as I examined them carefully.

Kris spoke as he put out a hand for the ribbon and put it on like a bow tie, "put them on,"

"And the card?" I asked, he sighed and put it on my jacket, the card then expanded until it formed into something that looks like armour, it then disappeared as my clothes turned to their original colour.

I followed Kris and Ralsei as they walked out the shop, out the door we heard, "and don't come back unless you're buying something worms,"

"Well, he seemed like a nice shopkeep" I spoke sarcastically as the door closed behind us, Kris just nodded his head and waited for Susie to walk out.

After a couple of minutes I decided to sit down and look at the scythe properly, it had a long handle of purple and green, at the end there was a blade coming out from one side of the handle bending downwards and coming out the other side pointing upwards was black with a bell hanging at the end. On the other side bending downwards there were three golden bits pointing down and bending inwards.

I decided to play with the bell making it give off a little jingle, the same jingle you would hear from Jevil as he danced around spreading chaos.

Soon enough Susie came out the room smiling, she glared at me to be silent and stop playing with the bell.

I stopped and the scythe gave off a sad glow so I jingled the bell one last time and stood up, I put the scythe in my other hand and followed the trio up the stairs where we found a checker piece then the shop keep appeared and threw a crown on the checker piece. It then grew longer and bulkier legs.

Kris was about to tell us something until Susie interrupted and told them that she found a solution but before she could do anything I used Jevil's scythe and attacked it,  the crown fell off and the checker piece shrunk and rolled away.

"WHAT THE HECK Y/N, YOU STOLE MY FIRE!!!" Susie screeched as I walked on ahead with Kris and Ralsei.

"And what was your amazing plan?" I asked.

"Throw Ralsei at the thing, duh!" She continued ranting as I ignored her.

Susie caught up after her rant and we finally got to the throne room.

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