Chapter 7

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Your pov

I pressed the top elevator button. The doors slide shut and the elevator started moving. After a couple of minutes the doors slid open and I was greeted with a black hallway outlined with white.

I step outside the elevator and look right, there a red Ruddinwas slithering up and down the hallway. It went up to the corridor to its left then turned around and walked back the way it came from.

I took the chance and ran out the elevator and down the hall. I looked around for the door and saw it on a hallway to my left. I ran down until.

"Halt, intruder!" The red ruddin shouted from behind, I stopped, cringed and turned around.

The Ruddin then summoned diamonds and shot them towards me. I unsheathed my sword and dodged them, left, right, jump, left, duck, jump, right.

The ruddin stopped attacking and took time to recharge for its next attack, meanwhile I used my sword and put a big nasty gash on its chest. Blood came spurting out and stopped, now dripping from the wound the ruddin ran away leaving a trail of blood.

With that, I put my sword away, took my mask off and walked towards the door while cleaning the blood off the mask.

I walked out the door and followed the path going to the left. There I found a clear area surrounded by trees and a door to the right, the problem was, the area had no colour, so I opened the door, curious to see what was inside.

The door sucked me In and I was found in front of a bake sale?

I walked to the first one was run by a ruddin.

"H-hey, you're the musician that everyone is talking about. I'll give you a discount on my choco diamonds if you don't hurt me," he shouted to me. Clearly knowing that the ruddin is distressed by my appearance, I went onto the the next stall which is run by a Hathy.

"Hey, buy a hearts donut, I'll give to you for D$0" the Hathy spoke in a quiet tone.

"I'll have a donut, also, you know anyone that can fix things?" I asked as I grabbed a donut from the stand and put it into my bag.

The Hathy nodded and pointed towards a path at the other side of the Ruddin's stand, "yes Smith Malius is just down that path, he can fix anything, even you,"

I nodded towards him and walked towards the Smith.

I entered a different area, still black and white with a red hammer with a face in the middle.

"Greetings lightener, in am Smith Malius, if you have anything for me to fix I can fix it, or I can fix you," he spoke with his head gently swaying from side to side like a bobble head.

"Since you can fix anything, can you fix this?" I said as I got all key pieces out and handed them to him.

"Yes, I can," he then set them on the ground next to him and moved his head backwards and smashed his head against the ground where the pieces are sitting on top.

He stopped his swinging after about three times and handed the key towards me.

"I sence a bad vibe coming from this key, I fixed it so you may never use it," I nodded and took the now fixed key out of his hand and put it in my pocket.

"Before I leave, you said you could fix people, right" I started, he nodded his head, "could you fix me?" He nodded once again and told me to stand where the key was.

I don't really know how this would work until he slammed his head into me, I felt my bones breaking and reforming again with each hit until he was done.

I moved around to see if nothing was broken, he did it, he fixed my body and the blood on my clothes were gone. I walked to the path about to leave.

"I may have fixed your body, but I cannot fix you on the inside," I nodded and left.

I wandered to the Ruddin at the bake sale.

"Hey, you found anything with music notes on it in this area?" Ruddin quickly nodded his head and said that there is a tomb in the middle of the paper dancers.

"And where's that?" I asked, he told me its down the path and past the gates and keep going down the path until I find paper dancers, I nodded and went my way.

After walking through many areas, and a creepy guy behind a tree giving me an egg, I finally came across some paper figures, though they weren't  much of dancers. They just stood there, arms flopped beside them and facing the direction of a tombstone.

I walked up to them trying to find an opening for me to get to the stone in the middle, there was none. So I walked towards one and put my hand on it to try and move it, instead it cut my hand. Now I have a cut on my hand with blood seeping on it.

The paper figure looked down at me and moved out the way, now I was able to get through to the rock.

I unsheathed my sword and my violin appeared in my other hand.

With blood dripping down the sword, I started playing. Dancing along to the tune.

When other instruments started playing the paper dancers started to dance around me.

Colour then started leaking out of the dancers and I flowing towards the trees, gaining them their scarlet colouring along with the leaves that fell from the trees and landed on the ground. Now the whole place became more and more colourful.

I stopped playing but the spinning of the dancers made sounds of the song and together they played beautifully. I sheathed my sword and looked around to see the forest now regaining back its colouring, it was just magnificent.

The dancers stopped playing and created a safe path for me to walk though and get out.

Walking along the path I saw that one of the figures had a tear in their arm, I look around for something to fix it. Conveniently I find a roll of tape on the ground, I pick it up and walk to the dancer.

Putting the tape on while trying to make sure I don't cut myself was hard for my other hand got cut. When my hand got cut the dancer I was fixing flinched and moved back a bit, so I grabbed it and continued putting tape on it.

Making sure the tape was smooth so it didn't effect the sound, I finished and got out their way.

"OK, you can all try it now," I shouted, and with that they danced and made a melody with no flaw, content with what I done, I walked back down the path and towards the door.

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