chapter 8

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Your pov

I was on my way towards card castle until three people came up from behind me and knocked me out.

As I pass out I turn to see three blurry figures, one a blob of blue, another a blob of pink and the last a blob of black and green. Instantly I knew who it was.

So here I am just waking up from that, on the ground. Only blurs of red and black is visible.

I sit up and wipe the sleep from my eyes and my vision clears. I look around only to find I'm in the patch of grass right before card castle.

I stand up and check everything was still intact.

Mask, cracked a bit but not too bad, food, check, sword check along with violin. Key... Missing

"THAT BITCH!!" I shouted as my echo's repeated itself.

Susie and Kris stole the key, I will not hesitate to give them a good beating next time.

I put my mask on and sprinted towards card castle. A Ruddin was about to close the door on me, instead of stopping -like you would expect me to do- I ran faster.

Getting closer to the door as it started shutting so I ran faster. Just as the door shut I put out my leg and kicked it open.

The poor Ruddin got caught in the attack and flew across the hall while holding onto the door. I ran down  while knockingnover the red Ruddin as he tries to attack me again.

I stomp towards the elevator, press the button to openly and slap the button (SLAP THAT VOTE BUTTON) to Jevil's floor.

The elevator was silent, nothing but the quiet humming of the moving elevator and the flickering of this lights which shows what floor we are on.

The light flickering on and off repeatedly was saying I was on the top floor, geez they really need to fix that.

The elevator suddenly stopped, the doors never opened.

I tried and tried to open the door, it didn't budge.

Not knowing what to do I layed down in the middle of the elevator and closed my eyes a bit.

After a few seconds I opened them up and saw a latch right above me on the top of the elevator.

I stand up and try to reach the latch above me, my fingers grazed it. I tried again but this time I jumped.


I pushed it up a tiny bit but it didn't open.


I jumped again but this time higher, the latch finally opened and I grabbed onto the side of the now hole in the ceiling then pulled myself up so I'm sitting with my legs dangling though the hole.

I looked around and saw the floor that I came from just above me, annoyed. I helped onto the rope and cut it so the elevator fell.

I swung over to the other rope and started climbing down that.

After about an hour of rope burns and shouting words which are not appropriate for the christian server I finally reached the door where the prison is.

Forcing the door to open somehow, I climbed through and saw I was at the second floor.


Fed up with climbing and pain I jumped down and just sat in the air for about five minutes until I reached the bottom with a loud thud.

Groaning, I got up and looked at the door, surprised that I'm still alive.

I pushed it open and stumbled through into the little room next to the stairs. I collapsed onto the floor and down the stairs.

In more pain I pushed myself up with much effortusing my arms and stood up with a bit of a stagger.

Looking in my bag I ate the last dark candy though it still hurt and I couldn't walk properly.

With a limp I walked towards the door which now existed and saw Ralsei in a bundle of green and red, Susie in a kneeling position while leaning on her Axe and Kris who has his shield up while blocking Jevil's attacks.

Jevil stood opposite from them getting his next attack ready while Kris gave Susie a mint.

In an instant Susie stood up with all strength restored.

Jevil then got out his scythe which then split into four and surrounded Kris and Susie.

They started circling them and closing in on them and out then repeated itself until Kris was down.

"Oi, what's happening here?" I called out.

Suddenly Jevil stopped his attack.

"FRIEND! FRIEND! what happened to you? Why did they come and play instead?" Jevil shouted as he ran over towards me while giving me a hug.

Susie turned around, eyes widening as she saw the state I was in.

Wincing in pain from the fall and Jevil's hug I said, "well, first I got knocked out by them," I glared towards Susie, "then I went into the elevator which for some reason didn't go as far as I thought before it stopped moving altogether, so I cut the ropes holding it and climbed down to second floor which I found out after I opened the doors, so I just gave up and jumped down, I then went out the elevator shaft and fell down those stairs and ended up here, third I was gonna play with you until Kris and Susie knocked me out and stole the key off of me," I finished the little story as Jevil sat in front of me and floated midair legs crossed, listening intently to the story.

Susie glared at me and swung her Axe at me.

"WHAT THE FUCK SUSIE?" I screamed at the top of her lungs, she just smirked and attacked once more.

"So you're on his side!?" She shouted back as she tried to hit me with her axe once more.

"What the fuck are you talking about!?" I dodged her attack.

"Do you even know the reason why he's in here?" She growled, looking at Jevil she then attacked him and gave Kris a mint who then gave Ralsei a burger of some kind.

Ralsei's clothes started to move and levitate then Ralsei appeared.

It took a moment for him to realise the situation until it was too late.

Jevil floated in front of me and surrounded them in scythes, they closed in on Susie and kept on doing the same until she fainted, Kris sheathed his sword and ended the fight before Jevil could attack once more.

Jevil sighed and put away his next attack.

"Here I was getting over excited for final chaos," Jevil then went to sulk in the corner.

"So whose idea was it to knock me out then steal from me?" I asked as Kris just awkwardly swayed from side to side and Ralsei whistled and pointed to the fainted Susie laying between them.

Kris then spoke up, "it was Susie's idea originally bit I went with it," Kris nervously scratched the back of his head.

Ralsei gave Susie a mint and she was back up again, Jevil noticed this and got his scythe ready while standing in front of me.

"Ok, little man, I'll deal with this," I spoke as I walked past him and in front of Susie, he stepped towards the side but still ready for whenever he needs to jump in.

"What is wrong with you!? He nearly killed us, you were gonna die too if we didn't take the key off of you!" Susie shouted as she stood up.

"Well I think I have a better chance at surviving with him killing me than you, also  I was the one who was supposed to play his game, not you guys, I knew from the very beginning what I was going to do, yet... yet you're still getting into other people's businesses, if I knew I couldn't do it on my own I would've told you everything and asked you to help me, now get out all of you and shut the door behind me until I say so," I shouted to Susie, Kris and Ralsei as I unsheathed my sword.

Kris and Ralsei nodded and dragged Susie out of the room as she shouts and wrestles them to let her go. They finally got out and shut the door, now it was just.

Him and me.

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