Imagine 37

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(You and Niall are friends at first.)

I got home and ran to my bedroom I was so tired all I wanted was to lie down my bed and sleep for hours, but right when I opened my door I saw a note on my bed. I walked towards the note and recognized Liam's hand writing, he's one of my BestFriends! I read the note and it says, : "hey (Y/N) can you just freshen up a bit, ill be waiting for you in Harry's (harry? my own brother?) bedroom!! Someone gave me a bye addressed to you you probably would want to read it ;)" as I was done re-reading it I followed him. I took a quick shower and dressed up shorts and a purple shirt.

I knocked at my brother's room and he opened it as soon as I knocked for the 2 time. "Come in! baby girl" he said hugging me and squeezing my cheeks "ewww harry stop it" I said sitting on the bed as sad hi to Liam and i noticed he was wearing a batman costume yelling "IM BATMAN WATCH ME" and he kept on jumping everywhere. "Hey Liam! We're that letter??" I yelled. "hey!! Uhm here! This is getting pretty excited. And remember I am batman" He said and carried me at his back like a piggy back ride I raised my eyebrows reading the letter laughing and yes I'm still in his back I was reading while sitting in his back.pretty weird but I manage. "eyyy! (Y/N) it's zayn! Go down at the kitchen I'm with Louis and I have a letter for ya!" The letter said. "Why is this like this gosh okay Liam put me down!!" I said "okay okay harry can you lead your sister down the stairs? Thank you" Liam said saying the thank you very fast so harry would not argue. "UGH OKAY c'mon (y/n)" he said grabbing my hand practically dragging me down the stairs.

When I reach the kitchen I see Louis with a superman costume styling Zany's hair with a robin hood costume . Seriously guys in the kitchen? This isn't pretty much of a washroom in case you don't know?" "And y are ye all of you wearing costume well except harry." I said laughing walking up to them. "Dont mind our costumes Hey (y/n) I'm glad you came and I'm so sorry we had to do this in your kitchen Zayn was so pushy and dint want to wait anymore" Louis said. "It's fine! UNLESS you clean up the mess after Kay?" I said. I poked zayns cheek and said "heya where my letter?" I said. And suddenly they were dancing talk dirty in from of me yes louis and zayn while zayns lips had the letter between his lips. I grabbed it and still laughing "hey (y/n) in sorry all these boys were crazy but I wish if you could go up to the balcony. I have a really important question to you. Love Niall xx" the letter said and I blushed "she's blushing!!!!! Oh how CUTEEE" Louis said and then I said "oh what ever bye!" I said to zayn and Louis.

As I walked up to our balcony I saw balloons sticked everywhere with instaxts films hanged at the string of it. It was cute as when I looked at the pictures it was mostly me with Niall and the rest some of my friends. I heard a guitar suddenly playing the tune of my favorite song 'thousand years' and when I looked at the side it was Niall singing and he was wearing a different costume from he other boys not like superheroes but a price charming with of course a crown. Looking at him made my cheeks blush and make my heart flutter. He looks so cute handsome with a simple white shirt with black jeans and a pair of black vans. All though our the song we were looking each other in our eyes.

At the end he walked up to me closer with him placing his guitar by the side and our faces were closer than ever like 3 inches apart our faces. He grabbed the crown by the table and placed on rope of my head.

I whispered "the song was very nice I loved it" he whispered back "I knew you would love it." He said smiling.
"Look (y/n) the moment I saw you you stood up among all the girls out there. I never knew you would be part of my life and I'm really grateful that you did, I really really like you already when I need someone to tell my problems to your always there, when I need someone to hug your always there, so practically you've been there were since I met you and now I noticed that I've fallen in love with you, the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my entire life. Ive waited for this time to happen ad this time would e it, So (y/n) will you please be my girlfriend?" He said my heart was beating so fast and I int notice until now that I'm already crying not because of sadness but because of joy. I've like Niall since the first time we met he has been kind generous and loving to me so there's no way I'm saying no to him. "Yes" i said and he replied "what?" and i kissed him and hugged him he kissed back and hugged back "I said yes ill be YOR girlfriend" Niall's smile was very very wide and his eyes were twinkling. i heard clapping and yelling sounds and when i turned back it was harry liam louis and zayn, of course. "YES NIALL YOU DID IT" louis said "THERES THE MANNN" liam said "IVE WISHED THIS TO HAPPEN A MILLION TIMES YOU ARE FIT FOR EACH OTHER." zayn said yelling, welk everyone is yelling. ad harry said "hey man! DONT YOU EVER HURT MY SISTER kay?" we were laughing.This is probably the most best day ever.


THIS WAS SWEET. And long ;) i liked it! Hope ya all like it. Yes! Long imagine for a very slow update. Sorry have been busy at school!! I hope you understand!

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