Imagine 36

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I was waiting for Niall in the park dice he wanted me to go there for tutor stuff. (Lol I know I'm sorry) As I was walking to the swing suddenly I heard footsteps running and when I was about to look at my back, some one just maybe someone which probably is Niall? I guess. He was on my back, like imagine piggy back rides? Instead of the boy carrying the girl it was the other way around.

"NIALL GET OFF ME!!" I screamed while laughing a bit.

"NIALL YOUR FREAKIN HEAVY!! GET. OFF. ME." I said demanding and all I could hear was his laughter.

"IM SERIOUSLY GOING TO LET YOU ALL FALL MATTER WHAT." I yelled. He was still laughing like a baby and was still riding at my back.

"If -laugh- I fall -laugh- it's all because of -laugh- your fault!! Hahahahahaha I'm enjoying this (Y/n)!! If I get bruises all over my face, If I crack any o my bones or if anything will happen to me it's will seriously be your fault." He said still laughing.

"UGH FINE! Can u please get off my back? Because I think it's going to break?" I pleaded this time seriously.

"NOPE!" He said popping the p. "only if you say "Niall Horan is the most handsome and best boyfriend in this entire world!" He said

"Ugh no way" I joked and hi feet was already near the ground.

"Okay" he said making his weight even more heavier.

"Okay okay! STOP NIALL HORAN IS THE MOST HANDSOME BOYFRIEND IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD there? Ya happy? Pls get off me!" I said.

"Okay okay" he got off me as my back was really hurting. "You were really heavy" sounding a bit hurt and walking towards the swing.

"Haha I'm sorry babe!! But anyways I had fun!" He said smiling an I smiled back.

He walk toward me and hugged me, saying "I had really fun. C'mon lets study before anything horrible goes again." He said and we were laughing.


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