Backstory to Rain

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I hope you enjoyed Rain. What am I saying, I know you enjoyed it. I saw the comments lol.  Anyways I wanted to share with everyone how Rain came about.

I had always wanted to do a book on Autism since well, this is my life. But no story was coming to mind.  Even though I touched on it in Autumn Leaves and Marco from the Gray Brothers has it along with Paul, who has Asperger, I really didn't know what I wanted to do.

Then I watched a program recommended to me by my two best friends to watch and then it hit me. I knew exactly what I was going to do.

Rain is loosely based off my own daughter who was diagnosed with ASD aka autism spectrum disorder when she was three. She also had a hearing problem and we didn't realize that her ears were so plugged with ear wax, that she became deaf at one point.  She's fine now and can hear us except sometimes I think she ignores us on purpose. Teenagers.

She's fourteen, a freshman in high school and an amazing person. Although it wasn't always like that.

From the time I had her, I had people try to tell me everything I needed to do or what I was doing wrong with the exception of a few. I was called a bad mom, selfish, treated like I was a bad person and mother.

I had to deal with teachers, family and so-called friends who prefer to critique me about my own child.  Then I had a few that reminded me, I wasn't bad or horrible and I was doing the best I could. They also told me that only I could love her the way she could be love and to fight for her, so that's what I did.

I've had to battle people over the years and deal with the comments, looks and anything else that was negative.  I also had to ignore them.  I had to remember who was more important. Them or my kid. I prefer my kid.

My daughter has been through a lot growing up. She had two severe ear infections that landed her in the hospital.  She had a broken leg at five. Meltdowns, craziness, and unbelievable energy has left me exhausted beyond belief all the while maintaining a full time job and taking care of my family.

Do I regret it?  Not one bit.

The thing I have learned about people, while they're busy judging me for my choices they're overlooking the bigger picture. My daughter is happy and healthy. She's well adjusted, has manners, works really hard in school, funny, loving and truly amazing.

I could argue all day with people about this but why bother? They're too busy talking to hear anything. They prefer to judge me because I'm not hovering over my kid and not "perfect". Newsflash, no one is perfect and I never claimed to be. I make mistakes, I picked wrong choices but it's all about learning, right?

Having Autism doesn't define my daughter or us. It's part of her but not her. Since her diagnosis, I've stepped into her world and it is truly a wonderful world.

Someone once asked me what it was like to have a child with autism? My answer was simple, what's it like not to have a child without autism.  Honestly this is what I know.

Here is a piece of advice for everyone. The next time a parent is going through a rough time and trying their best when they feel like giving up. Ask yourself how you can help them.  Don't criticize them or bash them.  One, it doesn't help their situation. Two, it makes you look bad in so many ways.

Sometimes we just need to talk, then we get back to it.

Thank you for coming along on this journey as I told Rain's story and my daughter's.  See you in the final book Collision.

Much thanks and love always

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