Collision Course

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Lorenzo's POV

School was getting ready to start in a few weeks and there was a matter of discussion about going somewhere on vacation. Since senior year starts this year, they want to celebrate it.

We were at grandpa's house and so was everyone else. As they talked, they used sign language so I knew what the hell they were talking about.

"What's wrong with Disneyworld," Cole asked Wade.

"I doubt the kids want to go hang out at the magical kingdom," Wade retorted with a look.

"You use to be fun. What happened?"

"And you use to be quiet and that changed," Wade smirked.

"Well, I met a hot guy that brought me out of my shell," he shrugged.

"Yeah just what I want to hear. My parents being all sexed up. It's every kid's dream," Cade said contorting his face.

I had to laugh. My uncles and cousin were crazy but in a good way. Apparently when Cade came into their life, Uncle Wade became more serious where as Uncle Cole wanted to spoil Cade. There was a lot of compromise and Cade is fine.

"I'm good with Disneyworld," Adrian shrugged.

"Us too," Sylvia agreed and so did Julian.

My parents were fine with it as was my Uncle Luke and Aunt Autumn along with cousin Leah. Even Wade relented and agreed. They all looked at me.

"Enzo? What do you say bud? Want to go to Disneyworld," dad asked me.

It was always a gamble with amusement parks and rides. Being deaf if I didn't have someone with me, I wouldn't know if there was a problem. I remember I got lost in an amusement park once. I had let go of my dad's hand and something shiny caught my attention.

Being five at the time, I was more mesmerized by the object. People bumped into me and I had no way of communicating except for sign language. When I got to the counter, I pointed at the object. When the guy spoke to me, I had no clue what he said.

He got mad and was yelling while gesturing at me. I had no idea why. I only understood sign language. Since I couldn't speak, I tried to sign to the man but he shoved me. I didn't understand.

What I did understand was someone hitting him and knocking him to the ground. I sat there watching Uncle Cole as he walked over and picked me up.  He looked at me and signed, "you okay?"

I told him I was and that I liked the shiny thing I saw.  I tried to tell the guy but he got angry with me.  Cole assured me that I did nothing wrong except leave my mom and dad.  That was a no.  That was the day I realized not everyone was nice and not everyone would treat you good.

He took me back to my parents who were frantic. I apologized to them and they told me never to let go of their hands.  They took me home. That day, was the last time I went to an amusement park.

I stood there as some snapped their fingers, knocking me out of my daydream.


I looked at dad then at everyone. Then I smiled as I signed, "sounds good to me."

This time when we went I would stay close to someone. This time I would fight back. Because I had people who would fight for me. This time it was my turn.

This concludes Rain's story but it's not over because a new story is coming called Collision. It's the final story to the Begging On Your Knees trilogy and will be in Lorenzo's POV mostly.

If you have not read Begging On Your Knees, I suggest you do so because this book will tie in with it and I got major things planned for it.

That book should be out sometime tonight or tomorrow.

See you in the next book.


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