Right and wrong

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Luke brought me home and shortly after we arrived mom and dad arrived.  I was extremely upset. Cole came out of the kitchen as I had a full fledge meltdown. Calming me wasn't working.

The noises and lights. Oh god. My sensory overload was too much as I screamed. I just wanted it to stop. Too much information. Too much happened. 

As dad tried to calm me, I lashed out as mom called someone.  They hurt him. They hurt me. Why?  Why? Why?  The flashing lights. Make it stop!  I hit my head. I couldn't process the information. Too much.

Then it all stopped.

I opened my eyes and someone looked at me.  It was quiet. The noise was gone. I looked into brown eyes.  They reached over and carefully removed my noise canceling headphones and handed them to dad.

"Rain.  Listen to my voice. The noise is done. The lights have stopped."

My eyes started to move.

"Right here. Look at here," they said in a calm, firm voice as they pointed at their eyes.

I maintained eye contact.

"Okay now I want you to breathe," he advised me as I took breaths and finally felt myself calm.

I looked at him as he smiled at me, "that's my beautiful Rainbow. See after the rain comes the rainbow."

I hugged him as he hugged me back.

Dad looked at papa and said, "thanks dad."

"It's no problem. I know sometimes things happens and we just have to remember that a little kindness goes a long way. Now do you want to tell me what happened," he asked me.

I let go of him.

"Ella and Darcy held me down in the hallway. They were yelling at me and threw trash at me. Antonio helped me and hit Ella. She called the police. They arrested him. I tried to help him because they were hurting him and they pushed me. I hit my head. They took Antonio," I said to them.

The looked at me.

"Oh and Antonio saw me in my underwear. I saw his body and he has a nice body," I finished.

They all looked at me shocked.

"Okay.  Now that we established Antonio and you saw more than you should have. Which by the way there is nothing with," papa reassured me.

"Can I have my snack now," I asked them.

"How about we get you some clothes first," Nana suggested as she led me upstairs.

Papa looked at them, "she seems very fond of this Antonio."

"He's been a good influence on her," dad told him.

"Dad you're not going to stop him from seeing her, are you," Luke asked him.

"No. I can't fault him for helping her. But I'm getting tired of these two girls. Every time we make progress, they set her back," he said in a frustrated tone.

"Then maybe it's time we do something about it. The bullying needs to stop," mom told him.

"I know but I need to go see someone first," he said as he turned and left.

I came downstairs and looked at papa, "Are you going to have a snack with me?"

"I would love to," he said to me as I grabbed his hand and dragged him into the kitchen. Cole got my snack together along with extra for papa and himself. He joined us.

Antonio's POV

I laid on my bed trying to figure out what to do when dad called for me. Now what?

I got up and went downstairs and saw Mr. Hardwick standing there. Great.

I walked over to him, "I'm sorry if I caused any trouble," I said but he cut me off and hugged me. What just happened?

He let go of me and said, "I wanted to thank you for helping Rain today. I know you got into trouble for it."

"I couldn't stand by and do nothing. It wasn't right," I told him.

"Which is why I asked them to pair you with her. Rain knows the difference between right and wrong and so do you.  We need more people like you," he complimented me.

"You have no idea how much that means to me." I looked at him surprised.

"I think I do," he smiled.

"Does this mean I can still see Rain," I asked him hopeful.

"I would like it if you did," he said sincerely.

I looked at my parents.

Dad rolled his eyes, "go."  Didn't have to tell me twice. I grabbed my coat and ran out of there.

I sat at the table and played a board game with papa, Cole and Luke.  There was a knock at the door and I heard his voice. I got up and came into the living room as I saw him standing there.

"Rain," he said and all I did was walk towards him and the minute I reached him, I hugged him. He wrapped his arms around me, hugging me back.

"You're okay," I said to him.

"Of course. I need my Rainbow after the rain," he said as I hugged him even tighter.

Papa, Luke and Cole came out of the kitchen. Papa walked over to nana and mom. They watched us.

Mom looked at papa as he looked at her, "sometimes we need a Rainbow after the rain. I think Rain just found her rainbow," he said to mom.

People may not understand but Antonio was entering my world. A world full of wonder and rainbows. It takes seven colors to creat a rainbow. When you put those colors together you get beauty in its own sense, like me. I had my own beauty because of my own world.

For everyone that enters it they see life through my eyes. It's crazy, it's mixed up but all in all, it's a beautiful mess. A mess I wish more people saw the way I saw it, with love.

Personally, I will take this world over the one that most people live in. It's amazingly messy and crazy but absolutely beautiful.

People may not understand but I do. I got a chance to step into my own daughter's world and let me tell you, it's beyond special. I love seeing the world through her eyes. She makes me laugh every day and loves me unconditionally.

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