Making things right

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I did my routine, grabbed my bag and went and had breakfast. I didn't feel like talking to anyone. As I ate, I held my bag. No one was touching my bag or ponies again.

My parents too me to school and I went to my room with my puzzle. I sat down and started working.

As I worked on the puzzle, someone sat down next to me.

"Sorry I wasn't here yesterday," Antonio said.

I didn't respond. I just worked on my puzzle.

"Rainbow, I know you expected me but I needed to take care of something."


"Okay. I see you're mad."

More silence.

"Maybe this will help," he said as he lifted a bag. I looked at him as he started pulling out my little ponies. "I couldn't decide which one you would like the best so I got you all of them."

Once he was done he set the bag down.

I looked at them. He had gotten all of them including others. I picked up one as I held it in my hands, "they aren't hurt."

"What?" He had a look of confusion.

I set it down and opened my bag taking out my ponies which had glue on them. One by one I set them on the table and his brows furrowed.

"Yesterday, Ella and Darcy took my ponies and hurt them. I had to fix them. They're my friends. They hurt them," I said as I petted their mane.

"You never came to my room yesterday. You, Adrian and Wade didn't come to lunch. You aren't my friends. My friends were hurt. So I fixed them. I didn't let them fall. I didn't break a promise," I said as I took each one and placed it back in my bag.

Once they were secure, I went back to my puzzle. They were safe. They were my friends.

Antonio's POV

After our time was up, Rainbow got up and left my gift behind. She didn't say anything after that. At that moment I started to understand more about her. I also was pissed at Ella and Darcy.

I bagged up the ponies and took them to my locker then I went to look for those two stupid bitches. It didn't take long before I found them. I walked up and swiftly grabbed Ella by the hair.

"Ow! Antonio!"

I slammed her against the locker, "don't. Don't even think about it. What you did yesterday was cruel."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," she shrugged.

This pissed me off even more.

"Don't play dumb you stupid bitch. Rainbow told me."

"She glared but I didn't care. Glare all you want.

"Go near her again and I won't hesitate to put you down like the dog you are." I looked at Darcy, "you too sheep." With that I walked away. That was a warning. I have an Italian temper. Have you met my parents?

At lunch Adrian, Wade and I going Rainbow, eating alone in her quiet space. We sat down and tried to have a conversation with her but she just ate. This bothered me. She wasn't like she was a couple days ago.

We tried all through lunch but once lunch was over she packed up her things and stood up. As she walked to the door she stopped then said, "people don't think I have feelings. They think they can ignore me and that's okay. It's okay, I'm use to to it." With that she left.

We stood there as we watched her leave.

After school I decided to go somewhere. I arrived at my destination and came to a room I was familiar with. I stood in the door way and watched as my old teacher was cleaning up. I knocked and he stopped.

He turned to me, "Antonio?"

"Hey Mr. Hardwick," I smiled slightly.

"Long time no see," he smiled back.

I walked in and looked around. Everything was the same. That's what I liked about Mr. Hardwick. He kept things how they use to be.  I walked over to a desk and looked at it. I smiled.

"How's everything going," he asked me.

"It's okay," I shrugged. I walked towards the board of pictures. "It's funny. You were my favorite teacher. You were kind, funny, and made me love school. You taught me to read," I said as I turned to him.

"Then I was introduced to this girl who I knew through school. She was given to me to help with rounding out my college applications. But it wasn't until you showed up the other day, I realized who she was," I said to him as he leaned against his desk and placed his hand on top of it to support himself.

"Why," I asked him. "Why of all people was your daughter chosen for me to help?"

"Because sometimes life doesn't come in a book," he said to me. "Antonio, when you were put in my class, your parents told me how you were this shy kid who didn't know how to read. They said your previous teacher belittled you and made you feel dumb. I use to watch you. You were so adamant about learning how to read you would sit at your desk at recess trying to learn. That's not a life for a child."

I stood there and listened to him.

"When you learned, that's all you wanted to do. I suggested to your parents to enroll you in sports to help you socialize. They told me they followed what I suggested and you blossomed, just like I knew you would. I saw a lot of potential in you. Then I found out they wanted to pair someone with Rain. I suggested you because I knew, you knew what it was like to be misunderstood, just like she is," he explained.

"She's different but interesting. Although I think she hates me," I sighed.

"She doesn't hate you. Rain isn't like that. But she has feelings like everyone else. She just doesn't know how to express herself or relate to others. People say she lives in her own world. Actually she lives in the kind of world we all should live in," he told me.

"I bought her my little ponies yesterday," I said handing him the bag. "I pretty much skip school to find any pony I could so she didn't have the same one. I didn't realize how popular this was."

He took the bag and opened it, "that's a lot of ponies."

"Mr. Hardwick, I'm trying but it's not easy."

"Antonio, life isn't easy but you keep trying. I have a suggestion for you, that will help you with Rain if you're up for it," he said to me.

"At this point, I'll try anything," I sighed.

A smile curled upon his lips as he gave me a suggestion. It was unique and different but doable. I mean at this point what do I have to lose.

As they say, sometimes in order to understand someone, we have to step out of our world and into theirs. I had a feeling my world was about to change immensely. Sometimes you have to endure a little bit of rain to see the Rainbow.

Antonio got some much needed advice from someone who knows Rain better than anyone. He's about to enter a whole new world as is everyone else.

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