Chapter Thirty-Five

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The next morning, I wake up to Blue snoring in my ear. With slightly blurry vision, I look at the sun beaming through the cracked glass doors leading to the large balcony. I can hear faint voices coming from downstairs and birds chirping outside. Even waking up in this place makes me sick. I take a deep breath and move my eyes from the door to my stomach. Blue's curly head rests on my chest, his arm draped over my stomach. I get a whiff of his usual scent from his dress shirt he made me wear last night before going to bed. I smile and push the feeling of being a creep as I press the collar to my nose.

A knock at the door makes me jump upright and Blue groan, holding me tighter.

I clear my voice. "Who is it?"

"Adam. My mom called you guys down for breakfast," he replies in a bored tone.

"Okay, we'll be down soon. Thank you." I smile even though he can't see me. I receive a grunted response and wait a minute before attempting to wake Blue. He is the most grumpy, difficult person to wake up, but I manage every morning. Strangely enough.

"Hey, Blue. You have to wake up now, it's time for breakfast." I brush his dark brown hair off his forehead.

He stirs in response but doesn't wake up.

"I know you hear me. Otherwise, your thumb wouldn't be circling my hip."

His finger stops, proving he is indeed awake, but too lazy to open his eyes.

I laugh and scoot down the bed and lay next to him. I lay my palm against his reddened cheek and lightly blow on his face. His eyelashes flutter and clench, but he doesn't open his eyes. "Come on, Blue. Open 'em." I blow again, tracing his parted lips, feeling it curve into an amused smile.

"What do I get if I open my eyes?" He asks in his raspy morning voice.

"My deepest appreciation," I say.

"I could do without that." He shrugs.

"Fine... what about a kiss?"

"Do I look like sleeping beauty to you?"


His eyes fly open, and he nudges my shoulder. "Fuck you."

"Got you." I kiss the tip of his nose and stand up before his hands can drag me back down onto the bed.

"You manipulative girl." He narrows his eyes and rubs them. A yawn escapes his lips as he stands up, wobbling as he tries to grow full conscious. Scratching his stomach, he steps over his jeans on the ground and walks into the bathroom.

"Sorry, but I'm starving, and I want to get this over with." I kneel in front of my suitcase and pull out a pair of cotton shorts and step through them. I abandon his button-up shirt for a pink tank top. After he reluctantly pulls on a dirty black shirt he brought with him and matching basketball shorts, we leave the hazardous room and venture down the marble staircase to the huge kitchen with top-notch appliances.

My mother is standing up and pouring her husband orange juice when we walk inside. Sasha looks up from her tablet while chewing on a bacon strip and smiles when she sees me. I offer a small smile back and move my eyes to her older brother listening to music and scrolling through his phone over a bowl of cereal.

"Good morning!" My mother's voice is light and chirpy. "Please, help yourselves to the food. I whipped up a variety; I didn't know what you liked and didn't."

Of course she doesn't know, how could she possibly?

"Everything looks amazing." I manage to force a smile and take one of the two empty chairs. Blue sits down next to me and gives my hand a nice squeeze of assurance under the table.

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