Chapter Fourteen

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After talking to Finn for another hour, we say our goodbyes and hang up. I plug my phone back on the charger and decide to spend my night watching something on TV. I make up my mind and decide I'm not going to the party. I'm not in the mood to drink until I can barely remember my own name and wake up the next day to the worst headache ever. Partying is not worth it to me, and I will never understand why other people love it so much and go every single weekend. Nothing ever changes. It's still deafening, still smelly, and still a waste of time.

I find a packet of popped popcorn in the mini-fridge and settle on show called Supernatural. I've seen a couple of episodes with aunt Lyra; she was obsessed with the brother Sam while I had a crush on the angel Castiel, or Cas for short. Reminiscing about sitting on the couch gushing about our favorite boys of the slightly scary show while my dad rolled his eyes as he sat in his favorite recliner twirls my stomach and fills me with longing. I haven't heard from either of them since I left. I'm guessing they're giving me space since I was so angry, which I appreciate and hate at the same time. I miss them a lot; I miss the movie marathons, going out for ice-cream, gossiping about aunt lyra's coworkers, and making dad dinner for when he finally came home from work, exhausted.

I eye my phone and contemplate calling either of them, but I don't get the chance to decide when my phone starts buzzing across the bedside table. I unplug it and unlock the screen. There're a few texts asking if I made up my mind about the party. Instantly, I know it's Declan, but how does he have my number? Did I give it to him yesterday? I must have drunk at least four of those tropical drinks. What were they even called? They were amazing—not the point. How does he have my number?

I vaguely remember giving him my phone number when we were dancing at that ballroom party. I was so drunk, I not only called my heartbreaker of an ex, but gave my number to a mere stranger. Luckily, he's a nice guy and hasn't abused my mistake by blowing up my phone with texts and calls like a certain someone.

Declan: Are you coming to the party?

Declan: It starts in an hour and I'd like your company.

Declan: My friends turn into dicks when they drink; having a sane person with me would be amazing.

I smile at the grinning and pleading emojis he attached to the last text.

Lily: Parties aren't really my thing, I'm sorry.

Declan: You can stay for an hour and leave whenever you want. I'll even pick you up and drop you off. I won't drink at all, either. I don't like drinking that much anyways.

I despise parties in general, but I would go just to keep him company. I would totally go to be with him; he is a nice guy, and I'd feel like horrible letting him down. The only thing keeping me from going is running into Blue there. I am trying my best to keep distance between us, but he is determined to demolish anything related to space. I may sound like a pathetic loser, but I'd rather stay in bed and watch Supernatural than run into him and his new 'girlfriend' Bea at a party. The only way I am going to this part is if Blue will not be there.

Lily: Will Blue be there?

Declan: That guy Bea was talking to?

I grit my teeth and squeeze my phone tightly, but answer: Yes, him.

Declan: I don't know. I don't know him, but the cabin is massive; you probably won't even see him if he does show up... so does this mean you're thinking of coming?

His use of the winking emoji makes me giggle and reply with a reluctant: I'm getting ready now. Call me when you're here.

Declan: Sweet, I'll be there soon ;)

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