Chapter Thirty-Six

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The girl doesn't seem to notice us standing five feet away and continues to be loud and obnoxious. "Are you here, motherfucker? I trekked through the fucking blizzard for you! I swear I won't do this again if you wasted my fucking time," she shouts and pounds her fist at our door.

A hint of a memory itches my brain but before I could think on it she yells again.

"Excuse me. What are you doing?" I ask, and she stops knocking long enough to turn to us.

"I'm looking for this motherfucker, that's what I'm doing," she replies in a thick voice almost as if she has a serious cold. She's my height, with frizzy blonde hair hiding under a faded beanie. Her pale blue eyes have dark circles, and her clothes consist of washed-out jeans and a sweater. No wonder she has a cold, she's not dressed properly for the harsh weather.

Who is she and why does she look so... on edge? Not to sound rude, but I thought the complex would have better security; there are cameras at the front of the building and in the lobby.

"You two know each other?" I look at Blue, who pointedly avoids my curious gaze.

"Yes. I thought that much was clear when I said I was looking for him," she snaps with attitude.

"Whoa! Will you calm the fuck down? This is my girlfriend you're speaking to," Blue says in a menacing tone, squaring his shoulders, and glaring at the brash girl. Usually I would swoon over his standing up for me, but I can't wrap my head around the thought that these two know each other. And she's here at our apartment.

"This is the girl you dropped the group for?" The girl laughs and looks me over. I feel uncomfortable under her scrutinizing eyes, but I don't flinch or appear weak. She's one of those girls that think they can steam-roll right over you without any problem.

"Yes, and I'd happily do it again," Blue growls and glances at the plastic bag in her scrawny hands. "I'll take that now."

Take what?

"What's in the bag?" I ask. He hasn't stopped eyeing it since we came here.

Blue tenses up but ignores me completely and strides over to the girl. He ducks his head, his towering height successfully hiding the sketchy pair from my confused stare. I hear a few murmurs and raised voices, mostly Blue's, before I get fed up with the secrecy and walk up to them. I tap Blue's shoulder, the same time the un-named girl leans back on the door frame. I don't know who she is or how they know each other, but I have a bad feeling about this.

"I'll see you around, Blue," the girl says, smiling. She runs her eyes over me with a sort of smile that makes me feel inferior and the butt of a joke, or like there is a joke I have no idea about altogether. With one last half-smile, she walks down the hall and into the open elevator. I wait for the sound of the doors closing before turning to Blue.

"Who was that?" I ask him.

"An old friend," he answers quickly, too quickly.

He unlocks the door, takes my suitcase from my hand and walks inside. I look down the hall at the elevator, trying to piece a puzzle in my head. All of the pieces are there and make perfect sense, but I can't make any of them fit. I stop trying when my head starts to ache. I follow him inside and lock the door behind us. The apartment is freezing, and he's already at the thermostat.

"Why did whoever make this make it so freaking hard to work?" He mumbles under his breath.

"I can do it," I offer and walk over to him after putting away my coat and shoes.

He looks over at me. "No, I've got it. I have to learn to work the stupid shit anyway. Go put the bags in our room," he lightly demands. Did that girl put him in this testy mood?

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