Chapter Nineteen

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After an hour of denying joining in on the 'fun' in the snow, drinking three mugs of hot chocolate that I may or may not have added liquor to, and nearly freezing my ass off sitting in the freezing cold, Theo declares he's had his fun, and we all head back inside the lodge. Finally. I was afraid my ass cheeks would remain on the bench when I got up. Not to mention my dick feels like a damn popsicle sitting in the freezer for half a goddamn century.

"Wasn't that so much fun?" Theo shouts and everyone cheerily agrees, except me.

Lily nudges me. "Blue..."

Huffing, I throw my hands in the air. "I had the best time of my life."

She laughs but smiles in approval. After she says her brief goodbyes with everyone, who are splitting up to do whatever other activities the lodge provides, I follow her into the elevator. I sigh in relief to finally be alone with her, mainly because that little shit isn't around to toss snowballs at my feet and beg me to run through the snow with him. Even though I'd rather do literally anything else, I almost did a couple of times. Lily would have been so shocked and maybe even swooned and showed me a special way of thanking me... but I couldn't handle the thought of 'bonding' with the kid. No big loss. I can get Lily to show me special ways of thanks without wanting to roll my eyes out of my head.

"I had more fun than I thought I would. Did you have a good time?" Lily asks the same time the elevator slows to a stop on our floor. The doors open, revealing a young couple all over each other. Scrunching up my face, I follow her out of the elevator and slowly stroll toward our rooms.

"Is that even a question?" I scoff.

"You seemed to enjoy yourself." She smiles to herself.

"You think sitting in the blistering cold for an hour is me enjoying myself?"

"I'm talking about the vodka in your hot coca," she says, shocking me to no avail. How does she know? I thought the sweet hot chocolate would mask the scent of the liquor, but maybe it's all she's smelling on my breath right now?

As if reading my thoughts, she giggles and it's the loveliest sound ever. "I saw you pouring a ton of vodka in your cup when I went inside to use the bathroom. Think it all you want, but you're not as smooth as you think."

"Excuse you, I'm the smoothest guy on this planet," I say, and her laughing increases.

"Sure you are, Blue."

"Oh, you don't think so?" I ask, and she shakes her head, her smile playing on her lips. I reach down to take her hand and twirl her around, causing her to laugh with glee. I reel her into the side of my chest. I bounce my eyebrows as she tries to catch her breath and laugh simultaneously. Her cheeks are the perfect shade of pink and her nose crinkles as she laughs. "And now?"

"I think you tried your best," she says.

I gasp theatrically, slapping my chest. "There is no impressing you."

She shrugs. "I'm a hard girl to please."

I open my mouth to make a dirty comment, but my phone buzzing halts me. Annoyed, I pull it out of my pocket to tell whoever it is to fuck off. I go to my messages and see it's one of my so-called friends, Mark. He was one of the idiots I hung out with in high school. I mumble about him being a dumbass for that one time he fell onto a train track when it was a few feet away, almost crushing his sorry ass before my drunk ass saved him. I open up our messages. The last time I talked to him was last week, and I was asking him about coke. He was friends with a dealer back in New York. In this recent message isn't him replying, though I should tell him to forget about it now, but a picture of white lines and his glazed over smile, giving a thumbs up. another text pops up.

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