Chapter Fifteen

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I'm aware of how fucked up I am for this. I'm a little tipsy, but she is so fucking drunk. I know what I am doing; I'll remember everything in the morning, but I can't say the same thing for her. Even though every part of me wants to comply and rip my and her clothes off and fuck her until the sun rises, I have to loosen my hold on her, slow my kiss down, see if she really wants this. I expect her to come to her senses when I whisper her name and tell her how much I've missed her, but she only gets more excited and breaks into a smile against my lips. My heart is racing and so is my mind. She wants me, badly. Her mouth moves frantically against mine, almost like she's starving for me, just like I am for her.

But wait—fuck. Again, I'm reminded how drunk she is when she giggles out of nowhere, fisting my hair the way I love. I nearly explode as she moans my name loudly and begs me to touch her, to fuck her. I want her so badly. I need her more than I need to fucking breathe. I just have to have her, even if it's just a second as she realizes how wrong this is. At first, I am stunned silent by the words leaving her mouth. She rarely uttered dirty words. But hearing them fall out of her mouth turns me on more than I could have ever expected.

In a desperate attempt to taste every inch of her, I grab the back of her neck and claim her lips with mine. I kiss her with everything I have, making her see just how miserable I have been without her, how much I've literally dreamt of this moment. My mouth moves sloppily as I kiss her hungrily, sating my desperate hunger for her. She kisses back almost as feverishly as me, and her small fingers drag down my chest and reaches in between us to tug on my belt. I move my mouth to her neck and listen to her ragged and sexy moans. Fuck, did she get hotter or what?

"The bed," she instructs, pushing at my chest, but I can't move from her skin. I can feel the vein pumping wildly under her creamy skin. I suck hard and kiss her skin, running my tongue over her sensitive skin. She moans and grips my shoulders, pushing me back slightly. "The—"

My mouth meeting hers interrupts her. I want to fuck her, and I am going to, but right now I want to savor the taste of her mouth. Remember it for when she inevitably pushes me away. She can pretend all she wants, but I know she wants me as much as I want her. Drunk actions are sober desires, right?

I continue kissing her as I walk backward, my hands holding her hips, never once pulling away for breath. She grinds up and down against me, murmuring my name in the sexiest raspy voice ever. When my feet hit the bed, I fall back onto the bed without breaking the kiss. Her tongue leaves mine to lick my lip-ring. I think I groan and tell her to stop teasing me, but she just giggles and pulls my lower lip into her mouth. She sucks, and I fight for breath and palm her ass. The material of her dress is soft, but not one part of me is. I lost my fucking mind when I saw her in this dress. She's always in bright, pastel colors and wearing her ribbons. Seeing her dress so innocent when I know how nasty she really is is such a fucking turn-on itself, and to see her in this... I blink rapidly just to make sure I'm not hallucinating from the joint I had before she got here.

Feeling she's had her time to be in control, I sit up on my elbows and swivel around, pinning her beneath me, my knees on either side of her body. She wriggles beneath me and her eyes widen as I run my eyes down her body. This fucking dress... I bend over her and kiss her mouth, then her chin, then her neck. I want to kiss every single inch of her body, whether she's embarrassed or not. She is exquisite and should be worshipped. I bow my head when my greedy lips kiss the silky skin between her breasts.

"Are you sure about this?" The guilt I'm burying deep rises to the surface. I don't want to hear her answer, but I have to give her a chance to pull away if she really doesn't want this.

"Blue, please..." she moans, raising her leg and rubbing her foot against my thigh.

She wants me so badly... there are a million things I want to do to her, but where do I start.

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