Chapter Twenty-Four

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When we got back to the apartment, we headed straight for the bedroom and fell asleep almost instantly. We're lucky the apartment has a comfortable queen mattress, though it was weird sleeping without bedsheets and pillows, but Blue's body warmth made up for the chilly draft in the apartment. Hopefully the thermostat and everything else will be turned on today. There's a lot of things we need to do today in an attempt to ease into this new life. I'm both afraid and eager for this journey we'll embark together.

When I wake up, I am confused as my eyes land on the brick wall and jeans hanging on the Blue is snoring heavily. His arms are wrapped around my waist, his head on my chest, and our legs are entangled. I smile, pushing my fingers into his wild dark hair. I have to use the bathroom desperately, but I want to savor this moment first. The sun is peacefully beaming through the windows and making Blue's skin melt into a rich golden color. The dark shadows under his long eyelashes create an evocative effect.

This man—this beautifully chaotic, fucked-up man is holding me close as if I am his anchor, keeping him from floating away into a sea of nightmares. Every time he murmurs my name in his sleep and sleepily kisses my skin, I'm reminded of how truly gone I am for him. I'm lost—swimming in his endless love. Blue is nothing short of a drug I can't get enough of. Every time I taste more of him, I lose myself more and more, but the high and freedom afterwards are worth it.

I brush his hair off his forehead and kiss his warm skin. "Blue, I have to use the bathroom."

"No... stay," he grumbles.

Giggling, I push at his arm, but he doesn't budge. "Move or I'll move you."

He cracks an eye open, smirking. "I dare you to try."

I roll my eyes and shove at his shoulders. Huffing, he finally removes his arm and untangles our legs. I thank him and jog into the bathroom. After doing my business, I wash my face and stare into the mirror. I was so exhausted last night I didn't even remove my makeup, and I'm still wearing my sweater but no pants. My mascara and eyeliner run down my cheeks and my lip-gloss is sticky. Gross. I promise myself to always wash off my makeup, no matter how tired I am, it's bad for my skin. I thoroughly wash my face and brush out my tangled hair. I'm in the middle of pulling my hair into a low ponytail when Blue pads in the small room and starts peeing without even acknowledging me.

"Good morning to you, too, sleepy," I tease, and he comes up behind me. He kisses my neck and reaches around me to wash his hands. I smile and finish tying up my hair. I want to shower now that my eyes don't make me look like I got punched twice last night, but Blue is taking his sweet time washing his hands.

"Good morning," he rasps in his sultry morning voice. He leans against the counter, eyeing me with a lazy smile. "How was your first night sleeping in our apartment?"

"Considering we didn't have any heat and your hair tickled me half the night, I'd say it was pretty good."

He chuckles. "Sorry about the hair. I think it's time for a trim." He reaches up to play with his curls, causing his white shirt to ride up and reveal a sliver of his tight torso. He is so distractingly sexy—and all mine.

"I like it this way, though," I say, and he stops playing with his hair.

"Then you can't complain about it anymore," he warns.

I raise my hands in defense. "Fine, I promise I won't." I laugh. "Do you have any plans today?"

"No... why? Are you planning on tying me up and holding me hostage? I never knew you were so kinky, ballerina." He raises his brows.

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