Chapter Twenty-Nine

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The next morning, I wake up to Blue snoring, his lips touching my back. His hands are wrapped around my stomach and our legs are entangled. I look around our bedroom, confused as to how we got here. The last memory I have of last night is watching the movie and laughing with Blue, before falling asleep near the end. He must have moved us to the bedroom after I fell asleep. Frantic as a reminder pops in my head, I look at the clock on the table beside the bed, only to sigh a breath of relief. Today is my first day at the dancing company, and I have two hours before I have to be there. But I want to be early. I manage to untangle our legs and slip out of his arms without waking him. Before I go to the bathroom to get ready, though, I examine his face. His lip looks slightly better and his bloody fist is wrapped in a bandage. He fixed himself last night. I wish he would have woken me up, so I could help him.

After I take a steaming hot shower, I get dressed in a plain long-sleeve white T-shirt and jeans. Not impressive, but I'm going to change into my dancing clothes as soon as I get there. I curl my hair and pull it into a low bun. I decide not to wear any makeup; I'd only ruin it with sweat. I neatly fold tights, a leotard, pointe shoes, and other necessary items in my gym bag. I pull on my comfortable snow boots, noticing it's snowing heavily outside of the tall windows in the living room.

I finish my delicious bagel and sip my coffee on the chair next to the icy windows. Leisurely drinking my caffeine otherwise known as heaven's elixir while I watch the city wake up for another bustling day is liberating. If I knew how satisfying it would be to live in my own apartment with my equally lovely boyfriend, I would have moved in here a long time ago. I like having my own space to do whatever I like. I can shower without anyone complaining outside of the thin curtain. I don't have to be shy changing in the room when Riley is wide awake. And I definitely don't have to worry about going to sleep without my Blue holding me.

Catching sight of the time, I place my coffee mug in the dishwasher and walk back into the bedroom. Blue is still sleeping and clutching my pillow to his stomach. I want to give him a kiss goodbye and let him know I'm leaving before he wakes up with a heart attack, but I also want to let him sleep. He has an hour before he has to leave for school. But by the way he's snoring, you'd think it was the weekend. I weigh the choices before he groans and pats my empty side of the bed. His eyes snap wide open and he looks up at me, his face twisting in confusion.

"Where are you going?" he grumbles and closes his eyes.

"I'm leaving; I'm going to the dance company, today's the first day. I told you about it last night," I remind him.

"Yeah... right..." His face pressed into the pillow mumbles his voice.

I laugh. "You have to get ready soon, school starts in an hour."

"I'm not going."

"Why not?"

"Too tired."

I feel guilty. We shouldn't have watched the movie last night. I should have postponed it for the weekend, I wasn't thinking about him going to school because I was so focused on the dancing company. The school and the company worked out a deal that I would work two days while I go to schools the other three days, for the weekday. I have to do better and remember he has school, even if I work that day.

"I'm sorry, we shouldn't have watched the movie last night," I apologize.

He waves a strong hand at my apology. "It's fine, I stayed up after you fell asleep watching Criminal Minds. It's my fault. Don't feel bad." He yawns midway through his sentence and rubs at his heavy eyes before closing them.

"I'll talk to you later," I promise.

"Bye... I love you," he mumbles and puckers his lips.

I smile and kiss him gently. "I love you."

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