Chapter Thirty-One

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"I'm going to take a shower," I say after a couple minutes of comfortable silence. Having a rag wipe away the messy after effect of what we just did isn't enough to make me feel squeaky clean.

"Alright, I'll join you." He stands up and grabs my hand when we meet at the foot of the bed. My heart jumps at how adorable he is being. It's almost as if he wasn't acting like a total bone-head twenty minutes ago.

Since we are already naked, we get inside the shower and I turn the water on its highest setting. The water feels euphoric, beating against my sore muscles. If there's one drawback of being a dancer, it's the constant aching and bruises after you leave the studio. I'm used to them though, but I will never get over how exhausting it is. I want to fall asleep against his chest, but at the same time I want to dance around the living room. An unknown palpable energy beats inside my bones and jumbles my thoughts. The only word that can describe how I feel is: happiness. Just standing here with Blue standing behind me as the water cascades around us.

I try to be quiet about moaning in pain as I attempt to wash my hair, but Blue's hand curling around my wrist tells me I wasn't quiet enough. His other hand turns me around. A small frown covers his face and his eyes search my face for a problem.

"Are you in pain? Is it my fault? Was I too forceful when we were—" He asks questions after question.

But I hold up a hand, stopping him with an appreciative smile. "No, you didn't hurt me. What we did was honestly... amazing," I say, and he smirks. "I'm a little sore from dancing today, that's all. I'll be fine after this shower and I lay down for a bit."

"What can I do to help?" He asks, and my chest swells.

"Shower me," I joke and start to bring my fingers to my hair.

"Okay, turn around," he says, and my mouth falls open.

"Oh... I was kidding. You don't have to do that."

"But I want to." He turns me around and starts massaging the shampoo already in my hair around. I let out a shocked gasp, and he chuckles. There's nothing better than someone washing your hair for you, especially if that person is Blue Montgomery. His skillful fingers leave the bedroom and enter the hair department as he adds more shampoo and turns me slightly so the water gets in my hair. When the shampoo cleans my hair, he puts in conditioner and grabs the loofah off the wall while it does it work. He covers the loofah in my vanilla-scented body wash and rubs it all over my chest. A soft moan falls out of my mouth and I close my eyes as he gently scrubs my body. Goosebumps cover my skin when he drops to his knees, dragging the loofah around my abdomen. I look at him through my wet eyelashes and fight the urge to fist his hair and feel him taste me. I'm not surprised by my perverted mind, he makes my hormones go haywire without even trying.

Aware of how much control he has over me, he slowly drags the loofah down my right leg. I try not to writhe under his arm wrapped around my other leg, keeping me in place. I have nowhere to put my hands until he quietly tells me to put it on his head. I feel silly holding his hair in this position, but I don't miss the opportunity to grab onto his curls. While he carefully washes my ankle, I grab the shampoo and rub it in his hair. There's something overwhelmingly intimate and sensual about washing each other like this. My heart is wild and my head fuzzy. I'm dizzy with the love for this boy. He kisses my skin on his way up to my hip. My eyes roll in the back of my head, and I manage to focus on rubbing in the shampoo. He washes my other leg, placing gentle kisses up and down as he does, causing me to moan his name and grip his hair. He groans and kisses my ankle, before coming back up to my stomach. I finish washing out his hair, and work on washing out the conditioner in mine as he stands to his towering height.

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