Chapter 72: New World Order

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Quiet steps proceeded through dark corridors under the ground, and soon came up to a black throne in a dark hall full of different ominous fellows, all scarred both on the outside and on the inside - apparently a bunch of castaways specialized in dirty missions... However, unlike this adult bunch of street bandits, the steps that entered the hall belonged to a rather young boy, but he too, like his fellows, had a cold and merciless gaze of a rattlesnake, perfectly matching with his blackened hair and icy eyes. On the throne where he came up to sat a brunet man with hazel eyes full of coldness and pitilessness - it was clear he knew absolutely no emotions, including fear - his heart was that of metal... very cold metal. The entered boy bowed to him:

"I'm back as you ordered, Lord Jaeger"

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"I'm back as you ordered, Lord Jaeger".

The man just faintly smiled in response and spoke in a calm, cold tone:

"Thank you, Rick. I called you back as our preparations are nearly complete, and we need only your latest updates to plan our assault. Please, proceed with the details in front of every one of us".

"If you allow, Magister," Rick, that same person who should be from Rose Cruce as he often spent time in that order, wore their ring, and often teased Tiger and her friends, replied to the man whom he had referred to as 'Lord Jaeger' and 'Magister', and then proceeded with his speech, facing the whole crowd: "My brethren of New World Order! I came back from my Grandmaster Infiltration Mission in Rose Cruce Order and I have brought some news. With the Magister attending our gathering today," he respectfully glanced at Lord Jaeger on the throne and then back at the crowd, "I give all the information to you: Rose Cruce has three new members - Lord Kokuyo von Drachen, whom we all well knew as Kokuyo Matsumoto - the fearsome leader of Blade Warrior Order who has left his post to join Rose Cruce; his elder brother Byakuya von Drachen, known to us as the Sun Celestial Lord who was believed to be sealed long ago, but as it turned out, it is not the case; and their newest, quite a fearsome member, Dragon Tamer Scott Blutendorf, better known as the Golden Mars Celestial Lord. As you see, Rose Cruce grows more and more and is becoming quite prestigious. But there's more to it - recently, they took Jupiter and Golden Venus gems from us," he puckered and glanced at their members, Yolanda Torres and Julia Gold, who were gnashing their teeth in indignation. "It is unforgivable. Let's take our revenge!"

The crowd roared and whooped, raising their glasses of beer. Rick grinned, while Lord Jaeger just faintly smiled.

"Thank you, Rick," he turned to the crowd: "No matter what Rick has just told you about Rose Cruce's powers, my children, you still need not fear, as most of them are nothing but mere brats, and you have your Magister by your side, so victory will be ours. If one crushes the Magister, the whole order dies, and you know your Magister can't be crushed," he grinned. The crowd roared and applauded at such an encouraging speech. Lord Jaeger raised his hand, silenced them, and continued: "Let's stick to our strategy - Rose Cruce Magister is nothing but a mere brat, just like his members. So let's crush him". 

The bandits laughed at such a carefree remark of their powerful Magister and whooped in approval. Lord Jaeger smiled with satisfaction at such a reaction and sat back on his throne. 

I'm coming for you, Edmund...

The underground hall of the New World Order broke into a wild feast after the speeches of the spy and the Magister. Meanwhile, there was a blue-haired, brown-eyed fair maiden hiding behind one of the walls, having eavesdropped on the whole conversation. Once the plan-making finished, she frowned and vanished in the purple light. Of course, no one was adroit enough to notice such swift moves of hers. She reappeared in a hidden cavern on the Peak of Placidus - the capital of the whole Zariel realm, and knelt in front of a giant golden sealing cube:

"My lord, it is as you suspected - Rick Mauriel is a spy of the New World Order. They are planning an assault and it looks like their main target is Magister Edmund Jaeger. Thankfully for us, they know yet nothing about Tamie Wingfield's hidden talents".

She heard a voice in her head:

"Thank you, Debbie. I will make my Illusion Clone in Rose Cruce Order act as needed. You stay there at your usual post".

"Yes, my lord". 

The blue-haired girl disappeared into the cube.

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