Bask in the glory

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"So, have you talked to Ned?" MJ casually asked as we sat down at our usual cafe.
"No, not recently at least. Why? Something up?" I questioned taking a drink of my tea.

"When I told him that you were dating someone he got this faraway look in his eyes. Like he was planning something. Might be my trust issues talking but the vibe after that wasn't a nice one." MJ explained.

I just hummed and played with my napkin, "Probably nothing, I mean he's probably just heartbroken. I wouldn't worry too much. He's Ned, what harm could he do?"

MJ sighed, "People can do amazing things when they're drunk on love Peter. All I'm saying is be careful."
"Right, I will. When am I not?" I joked.

"That one time when we were at the beach and you managed to nearly drown in the shallow sea." She deadpanned.

"To be fair, there was a lot of people there that day." I pointed out.

"And to be fair, you are the clumsiest person I have ever met." MJ shot back with a playful glare. We just laughed and changed to subject fairly quickly.

"Where is he taking you? Do you know?" MJ asked as we walked the streets. I had work in a half an hour and she had a protest to get back to.

I shrugged, "All he said was too dress to impress. But it's tomorrow so I have the whole day to swim in my anxiety and wait for him!"

"What time is the date?"
"Seven." I answered.

"I'll come by and kick you out of your pity party. Besides someone had to style your hair. You suck at it." MJ clicked her tongue.

I gasped, "What? I am very good at doing my hair!"
"Peter, right now your hair looks like a birds nest. Did you even comb it today?" MJ questioned raising her eyebrows.

"I couldn't find it." I mumbled.
MJ laughed, "Well, then I'll buy you a new one. See you later!" She waved goodbye as we took out separate paths.

A smile formed on my lips as my chest felt light. Everything is good.

Julia Michaels

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